Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veterans Day post for reading, listening, reflection, and Journal 9 comments

First, some fast facts and links.


There are different ways to participate and acknowledge Veterans Day, to be sure, and I want to share two links that I feel are important.  The first one here is maybe more what we expect when we think of veterans as heros and this one focuses on bravery in batter and the incredible character of this soldier.

Medal of Honor awardee Clint Romesha.

The next links are modern and a little different.  This one deals with a vet who was changed by battle and the suffering he saw among ordinary people in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He decided to use his courage and the lessons he learned in the military to try to help fight a new war on poverty.

Think about it: don't we often see connections between crime and poverty, war and poverty, and terrorism and poverty?

These links help make that connection more clear and provide inspiring food for thought.



Jake Harriman as soldier, top, and as organizer and activist, below.

  1. Follow these links and take some notes and write some reflections as you do so. 
  2. Then in the Comments section of this post, please write a response to one or more of the links. 
  3.  INCLUDE a direct quote from the source in your response.  This will count as your Journal 9 on Veterans Day.


  1. Reading the story about Clint Romesha, it showed me "the basic military values of selflessness, courage and efficiency" that Romesha sought to obtain throughout his life. He was a very courageous man that thought about others fist and put his own wellbeing second. This is a value that everyone should posses. He is one of the many war veterans that is a perfect role model for people to follow and by him winning the purple heart it definitely shows this asset.

  2. I read the article pertaining to Clint Romesha's bravery and courage in the face of battle in Afghanistan. He is one of the few soldiers today who have received the Medal of Honor. But due to his actions and aide for his heroism of October 3, 2009, he deserved that citation. Many of his fellow brothers in arms and family members think that he is one of the bravest people that they know. In an article online about him, PFC Chris Jones, one of his Romesha’s fellow soldiers, addresses, “The love and dedication he has for his troops, and the degree to which he's moved when they return those emotions with performance in the line of duty, is almost palpable.” Meaning that Romesha has a strong love for his duty and his comrades to where he would do almost anything for them. He is a true American hero, and I think many soldiers today should look up to him, so that we can have more heroes onto of the brave soldiers we already have fighting today.

  3. "There are few people I would follow to hell and back, and Romesha is one of them," former Pvt. 1st Class Chris Jones told us. Hearing this from a private first classmen says a lot. This man showed great courage and bravery and I salute him.It seems he has put in lots of hard work and dedication over the years and any man would go into battler with him because hes so good at what he does. This story is great and I thank Romesha for fighting and serving for our country.

  4. "My granddaddy used to teach me, you know, 'When you tell someone you're going to do something, you do it" This quote from Romesha stood out to me because it really defines the kind of guy he is. He put his life on the line for his soldiers because he promised he would protect them. You don't see many people like him today and he really fits the definition of a hero.

  5. I read the artile "Clint Romesha, The Bravest of the Brave" on the CNN. It is story about a solder named Clint Romesha. He is a brave solder and he respected basic military value of selflessness. He came from a military family and He fight very hard for our country. The editor writes, " Eight U.S. troops were killed at Combat Outpost Keating… the united States was able to push the Taiban back and regain control of the camp"(Tapper). The editor tells the reader a sad story of Romesha's war life. It is hard for them to see their friend died in the war. They against our enemies and there was only 50 solders against 300. Romesha's team was brave and they do their best to protect our country. I think the solders are the heroes. They fight for peace and they have to leave their home. Romesha knows his duty is to protect the country. He is a hero and all his teammate are hero. We should all proud of him. We should all proud of today's veterans.

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  7. I watched the video of former combat jake harriman hardship and courage as a marine corps to a modern businessman. He has brought change in the meaning of the war on terror as he said, "The war on terror wont be won on the battlefield alone". This veteran is an enlightened and courageous warrior who felt leaving his man behind to go fight extreme poverty around the globe was a hard decision but a relief to other peoples lives. As he seeked to go back to school to pursue a major in business to develop a resource that would build foundations in the struggle of extreme poverty, he has acknowledged the frontlines of fighting for choice and hope in the war of extreme poverty. I believe this veteran only come by once in a lifetime and his bravery says a lot about his personality. we should thank him for fighting for his country and bringing change in other ethnic lives.

  8. I read the article about Clint Romesha, the brave soldier who always looked out for his fellow soldiers. He served in the Outpost Keating in Afghanistan, and even though their camp was targeted by the Taliban and they were outnumbered. The leadership he showed his fellow soldiers was so incredible that they fought off the Taliban and had reclaimed their camp back. The article states that “Romesha's leadership was crucial, and his fellow troops say they wonder if they would have survived without his fierce determination.” It goes to show that, the more determined you are to doing something, you actually do it. Sadly, he lost many of his fellow soldiers and wonders if there was anything he could have done to have saved all of them. Something else that really caught my eyes was the saying his granddaddy has told him. "My granddaddy used to teach me, you know, 'When you tell someone you're going to do something, you do it. You know, your actions is what makes you.' And I know I'm hard on myself, but you know it still hurts," Romesha told me.” The message bestowed in that saying really is remarkable, that it even inspired me to always go by words and fulfill them.

  9. I read the article Linking Extreme Poverty and Global Terrorism which is by Jake Harriman. He talks about extreme poverty and how this is linked or related to global terrorism. Today the biggest problems surrounding our world, poverty, and terrorism are two of the top issues. He explains what he does in his work, how he travels from shamba to shamba talking to farmers who live in extreme poverty. He also talks about his past working experiences as a platoon commander in the Marines, and how he and his fellow brothers fought in a “War on Terror”-a war that has cost so many lives, including many of his closest brothers .He also explains what poverty is, how it is considered as consuming less than $1.25 a day and how it is more than just the lack of material resources or needs necessary for ones basic needs. He served four operational tours in Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and areas of southwest Asia alongside some of the bravest individuals he has ever encountered in his life.


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