Sunday, November 17, 2013

To me, music means everything in life. it is the way we communicate and express our emotions and impressions to convey with listeners moods. Its an organized sound that is an art of language. Music has power and its a way people get to reflect with others from their stories. Its an aspiring and soothing composer that has different tones. It also has styles and rhythms which produces eloquent sounds. In my life i see music as a beautiful thing that can inspire and entertain you. With all types of genres in music their all influential in some type of way. Music reflects society and culture in many ways and it brings people together. It settles disputes and connects one experiences to another. Its a visual aspect in life that is used to interpret messages and phenomenons. With that being said i like all types of music from ancient to modern. The types of music i mostly like listening to  is pop, rap and classic. Whenever i bump those genres i feel aspired and my inner thoughts just flow. These genres of music is what settles my soul it builds a strong vibe in me. As i have a lot of favorite artists I feel aspired by them everyday. But the true types of music i admire is my national music such as the Somalian anthem. This specific music is a devotional music that i emotionally connect with and it inspires me to be who i am.  

                            The Somali Anthem  
 Somalia Flag


Somalia wake up,
wake up and join hands together
and we must help the weakest of our people
all of the time.


Somaliyaay toosoo
Toosoo isku tiirsada ee
Hadba kiina taag daranee
Taageera waligiinee
Maaga loo oynaya
ilmithi kuqumanaysa
Ummadyahay mar kale toosoo
Calankiinna wada tiirshoo,
Danta guud ku taagsada oo
Isu wada tanaasula eey.
Tawaabkoo qudhaa bixiyoo
Gobannimada taam ka dhigee,
Rabbi toobad weyddiistoo
Talo saarta Weynaha eey.


  1. I agree that you say music bring us together. Music is a good way to communicate with people.

  2. Music is a great form of communication

  3. I also think music is a great way to express yourself in many different ways.

  4. i agree that organized music or sound is an art of of language.

  5. I also like the song. and also like the part where the song says that people should wake up and join hands together.


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