Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Journal 10 from Marcus

The subject I choose on Ted was success. In this video it showed how our mind works. One thing the video mostly keyed into was how our mind balances stress, anxiety, and all the other crap that floats around in our head. It was stated that our mind is in complete thought 47% of the day, that's 47% of our life. When our mind is in complete thought we usually get those anxiety and fears. The man who did this video decided at age 20 he was going to go into the mountains and meditate and become a monk. He also to show how our brain worked compared it to a washer machine, just going around and around with thoughts. Also he started to juggle and said each ball was a thought in our mind, if we focus on one ball, or thought, for to long we could continue to juggle all the other thoughts to. This video made a lot of sense but mainly in the end he said you don't have to travel across the world to become a monk but just simply take 10 minutes out of your day sit down and clear your mind, think about absolutely nothing. He said this is how you can keep your mind in check and strengthen it.

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