Friday, November 1, 2013

Journal 7

In Ordinary resurrection, I believe kozol's personal story and first point of view influence the book by forming a relation with the children and allowing the reader to understand the authors perspectives and the children in mott haven. Kozol's incorporation of his personal expeiences throughout the book was well needed and made an infomative novel with alot of proceedings. Kozol's one on one conversation with the kids both in Mott haven and St.Anns enlisted a clear message for the reader to interperet. I think it is best for authors to make their story plots realistic and interesting. These first person views Kozol uses has an influential strenght in the book as its characterized in a present and past tense dialogue. As kozol faces struggle and  despair in south bronx he allows us to take part in his story and witness true life events. Without this narrative theme i think the book would have no informative meaning. And by him relating to the children, it shows how he constantly tries to build a bond with the children by conveying their harship.

The most important aspects that stood out to me in chapter 23 and the epilogue was their diferences. Both chapters was aspiring to read and covered alot of the last messages in his story. In chapter 23 kozol talks about his last goodbyes to Mott haven. He intoduces how those bitter moments are sad and uplifting at the same time. As he quotes in page 307 he says, "saying goodbye in the final days of school is hard for teachers everywhere. In september when you meet hem they are simply 25 or 30 little mysteries." And he then continues.. "By june there maybe fewer mysteries, but a new chemisry takes place." This part of the chapter is what explains the consep o the chapter. As Kozol describes the mixed feelings and hardness a teacher has for her students. Even though the time for them to move on is soon its hard to clear the memories of the school year. I also admire the part he describes how the teachers speak in the firm entitled way of grandmothers speak to their grandchildren. I like that message because it explains how a teacher earns a successful reputation through her students.

The main values of this novel Ordinary resurrection would have to be Effiecency and open mindfulness. This relates to how kozol is effiecent in these childrens lives and how he nurtures them with enlighted conversation. The children in the book give kozol hope and indulgence as they cooperate with him and nurture through his exisence in Mott haven. These children's community is corrupted with violence and poverty that the kids dont no the true meaning of life outside of the church and school. Kozol and Mother Martha guide and courage these little souls to become warriors in their society. And kozol takes their relationship serious as he learns from them in everyway as they ask important questions regarding to life. Neverthless, kozol shows us how the influence and power of kids have on adults in general.

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