Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My tribute to a friend Poem

Kaleb you are my best friend

We have shared so many good times together I don’t know where to begin

It seem like yesterday when we first met

I still want my football jersey you took out of my locker and kept

We really did it together winning state

That could not happened without you being such a good teammate

We had some good times; I think the best was last year’s spring break

Or maybe the time you lost the bet in golf and had to jump in the lake

I miss throwing in hogs with you down at the river

Man all the beers we drank there can’t be good for our liver

I hope all is going well with you in Colorado

Nothing has changed Jake and I are still doing lawn jobs in his Silverado

Well I’m going to go now I can’t wait to see you

Good luck at base, keep chewing the chew










Nick you were a great friend
You could always put a smile on my face
Even when we got sprayed by cops with mace
For dancing out of place
We were like 2 peas in a pot
Always getting caught
You helped me live life to the fullest
And didn’t care what people thought about you
That is why you were such a cool dude
You could put everyone in a happy mood
Especially when you made good food
You may have passed away
But I still think about you everyday
It all started freshmen year when we met
You told me how you wanted to be a vet
We all played football together
And we would sometimes fight
Like brothers and sisters at night
Our friendship will always be tight 

Letter of thanks

Dear mom and dad,
I don't think a letter could ever tell you how thankful I am for you guys.  I may not always show it, but I just wanted to let you know that I truly do appreciate everything you guys do for me and my two sisters, you're daughters.  You've always told us that anything is possible if you work hard for it.  You two are a perfect example for anyone to follow, from you guys not growing up with much and not being able to go to college to starting your own business together and trying to provide as good of a life as possible for me and my sisters.  You never undervalue the importance of education as it wasn't possible for you two to attend college when you were younger and I think it's amazing how you two still managed to be successful with how little you came up with.  I just wanted to thank you, fro everything you do, and everything you continue to do for us.


It's always a good time when you're around
i think it's impossible for you not to be loud
you're heard through out the whole town
it's ok though, i wouldn't have it any other way

It's crazy you're growing up so fast
protective over you like a cast
especially since you're the last
of 3 kids

Whatever you do, you do it well
you're the focus of attention, like a ringing bell
you never get bitter
it's a pleasure to call you my little sister

letter of thanks.

This is to you Peggy Getz, my mother and father.

     You supporting me through college and not only me, but your other two daughters while being a single mother and working three jobs to make sure we have bright futures is so strong. When dad died you tried taking over his business that he was so successful at and you tried to keep it alive as if it was dad himself. You never give up and that's what I love most. When you want something there's no hesitating for you, you just go and get it without anyone being able to stop you. I love that I can count on you for everything, like being my number one fan even though you're two hours away I know that if you don't have to work that you'll be on the sidelines of my rugby games screaming my name from excitement and nervousness every time I get the ball.
     Being my mom and dad is probably the hardest job you have but you do it with such ease and perfection, so I think that your whole life everything you've been through you were meant to be in this position and you are succeeding in it. You help me with everything and give the best advice.
     I consider you my hero. I admire every thing you've been though and how you deal with it. You make life look so easy when I know it's not. I couldn't think of any other person that I'm most grateful for than you to write this letter to. I just wanted to make sure that you know that you're loved to the highest extent by me.


My little brother

My little brother
You mean a lot to me
Right after my mother
Your existence is like a piece of art
With a swift of paintbrush
You create a line of heart
I can tell when you’re angry
And when your frown is upside down
You seem to get a lot cranky
When all that surrounds you
Is hopeless and sorrow
I can tell when you’re trying
To swallow your faults and fears
But in the outside know that you’re shining
I can see when you start to fade away
And everything looks so gray
Hold on don’t worry
You’re strong as a tide
And unique as glory
Without you I’m useless
You make my life fun
Like a jeopardy game when I’m quite clueless
While we play outside near the bright sun


Long hair don't care

Fierce as a grizzly bear,

Models in her spare time

I guess you could call her a dime,

Indian girl

Who travels around the world,

She's as strong as king  kong,

Cool to kick it with

Because she doesnt tell one myth,

Best friend is what she is

ms.Nikita Desai

Love Ups & Downs

                                                                       Love is crazy
Love can be sweet as candy
Love can make you feel as high as the sky
Love can make ou feel as if nothing else matters
Love is something a mother feel when she first laid eyes on her baby
Love is something two people feel when they get married
Love is something i feel when i walk into church
Love can also make you feel as low as the geound you walk on
Love can have you doing thing you never ever thought you would do
Love can have you feeling sick to you stomach
Love can make your heart feel as if it is torn into pieces
Love can make you feel like there is nothing left in this world to live for
Love has its Ups and Downs

Sudi Isse
November, 28, 2013
My friendship poem
I got your back
You got mine
To see you cry
Makes me want to weep and cry
You remembered all the things we did
From the day I met you as a kid
Your perfect just the way are
I’d rather be close to you then far
For all the days we shared
We’ve never looked back
For all the moments we glared
There isn’t a better friend I would ask for than that
The friendship we have is so rare to find
We’ve laughed so hard that we almost cried
Like I said I couldn’t ask for a better friend than that
Thank you for standing to the problems we had
Sudi Isse
                                           project 11
Dear Government of Columbus
I think the safety of our neighbors are not handle as it supposed to be handle. There are many people in the city of Columbus every day and every night getting killed for no reason. There is many criminal people that are killing people every day for no reason. I have heard innocent people I know that has been killed, and no one knows who killed those innocent people. This issue is effecting many people that live the community of Columbus. Is effecting the innocent kids that their Parents has been killed and not knowing who killed them. Is effecting the people who go to work at the middle of the night and cannot get home safe.
True story that happened two weeks ago in the neighborhood that my brothers lives. My brother’s friend has been killed in the front of his house going in to his house, the big problem is that no one knows who killed him. That innocent man has been killed for no reason. His kids wake up every day, and wonder who killed their Dad. This other lady has been raped going into her car they took her money and her purse; the next morning someone find purse and all her ID’s. The safety of our community is every important to many people. Those people who is killing the innocent citizens deserves to be find. The government can take major step and do something about this problem that are happening in our community. This problem is having major effects on many people in Columbus Ohio. No one deserves to be killed for no reason. I’m writing this letter because I’m really worry about my Community and the Safety of the people specially my family and friends. Please read this letter and think about what can happened to our community next,

Last Journal

Two things that are better in college than in high school would probably be the fact that in college, you make your own schedule and aren't in school for 7 hours straight.  I think that the ability to make your school schedule work around your personal schedule is a great thing.  Another thing is the freedom granted to you in college, no one forces you to go to class, it is based on your own will.  So far, the biggest challenge I have faces is staying organized, as that has always been my biggest problem even in high school.  I think my biggest supporters would probably be my parents, they always remind me how important education is for my future.  My sister is also a big help, she goes to Ohio State as well and helps me with my scheduling and other problems I might have.  One thing I would change about OSU would be to make the branch campuses a bit closer to Columbus as traffic, weather, and other factors make it really hard to be on time to classes. An adjustment for me would be to use a planner as organization has always been my biggest problem in school.

Thank You Letter

December 2, 2013

Mrs. Russell
Hayes High School
289 Euclid Avenue
Delaware, Oh 43015

Dear Mrs. Russell

How are you?  This is my first time to written a Thank You letter to you.  I haven’t seen you like a year.  The last time I saw was the day you came to Dragon House for pick up your Chinese food.  I moved to Lewis Center about 3 year and I haven’t visit Hayes about 4 years.  I still remembered the first time met you when I was in 7th grade in Dempesy Middle School.  You are my first ESL teacher and you taught me a lot through middle school to high school.  I still remembered your smile during the first day.  I really enjoyed when we studied together in the small table with Lupita and Esmeralda.  You helped me a lot with my test, reading, writing, and speaking.  Did you remember we played Hangman in the class with other students?  I had a lot of good memories with you.   You knew I never talk a lot in the class because I was afraid to talk during the class.  You always taught me to speak with other people.  I never realized I could speak English in front of many people now.  You knew I always struggle with my English and I always trying.  You are a great teacher in my life.

I really appreciate you wrote the recommendation letter for my college application last year.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


Tong Lin (Paris)


Our Memory

When I first time met you
You were running like a deer in the hallway
You were making eye contact
I knew you were being my friend at that time
I was a lonely girl in the huge building
I came to you and told you to eat lunch with me
That was the first time we talk
We never realize we could be that close
I still remembered we talked everyday
You said you were not my sister
I said you were my sister
You older than me almost 3 years
I always made fun of your age
I knew you always love me and you always be my side like my sister
You were like sunshine because of your smile
You loved stars and you told me I was an important star in your heart
You always listen my heart
When you had trouble
I always told you everything would be good
Do you still remember the orange chicken with sesame on the top?
I really missed the thing we have done before
I knew friendship is the most important thing in the world
I miss my best friend
I miss my shinny star
I’m waiting for you back to Ohio
I miss you