Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Journal

Two things that are better in college than in high school would probably be the fact that in college, you make your own schedule and aren't in school for 7 hours straight.  I think that the ability to make your school schedule work around your personal schedule is a great thing.  Another thing is the freedom granted to you in college, no one forces you to go to class, it is based on your own will.  So far, the biggest challenge I have faces is staying organized, as that has always been my biggest problem even in high school.  I think my biggest supporters would probably be my parents, they always remind me how important education is for my future.  My sister is also a big help, she goes to Ohio State as well and helps me with my scheduling and other problems I might have.  One thing I would change about OSU would be to make the branch campuses a bit closer to Columbus as traffic, weather, and other factors make it really hard to be on time to classes. An adjustment for me would be to use a planner as organization has always been my biggest problem in school.

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