Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sudi Isse
                                           project 11
Dear Government of Columbus
I think the safety of our neighbors are not handle as it supposed to be handle. There are many people in the city of Columbus every day and every night getting killed for no reason. There is many criminal people that are killing people every day for no reason. I have heard innocent people I know that has been killed, and no one knows who killed those innocent people. This issue is effecting many people that live the community of Columbus. Is effecting the innocent kids that their Parents has been killed and not knowing who killed them. Is effecting the people who go to work at the middle of the night and cannot get home safe.
True story that happened two weeks ago in the neighborhood that my brothers lives. My brother’s friend has been killed in the front of his house going in to his house, the big problem is that no one knows who killed him. That innocent man has been killed for no reason. His kids wake up every day, and wonder who killed their Dad. This other lady has been raped going into her car they took her money and her purse; the next morning someone find purse and all her ID’s. The safety of our community is every important to many people. Those people who is killing the innocent citizens deserves to be find. The government can take major step and do something about this problem that are happening in our community. This problem is having major effects on many people in Columbus Ohio. No one deserves to be killed for no reason. I’m writing this letter because I’m really worry about my Community and the Safety of the people specially my family and friends. Please read this letter and think about what can happened to our community next,

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