Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank You Letter

December 2, 2013

Mrs. Russell
Hayes High School
289 Euclid Avenue
Delaware, Oh 43015

Dear Mrs. Russell

How are you?  This is my first time to written a Thank You letter to you.  I haven’t seen you like a year.  The last time I saw was the day you came to Dragon House for pick up your Chinese food.  I moved to Lewis Center about 3 year and I haven’t visit Hayes about 4 years.  I still remembered the first time met you when I was in 7th grade in Dempesy Middle School.  You are my first ESL teacher and you taught me a lot through middle school to high school.  I still remembered your smile during the first day.  I really enjoyed when we studied together in the small table with Lupita and Esmeralda.  You helped me a lot with my test, reading, writing, and speaking.  Did you remember we played Hangman in the class with other students?  I had a lot of good memories with you.   You knew I never talk a lot in the class because I was afraid to talk during the class.  You always taught me to speak with other people.  I never realized I could speak English in front of many people now.  You knew I always struggle with my English and I always trying.  You are a great teacher in my life.

I really appreciate you wrote the recommendation letter for my college application last year.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


Tong Lin (Paris)

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