Monday, September 30, 2013

Pop Culture

The movie that had a long lasting influence on me is TEARS OF THE SUN.   its an amazing movie where Bruce Willis plays a Special-Ops commander who leads his team into the jungle of Nigeria.  A Central African nation is expected to explode into war at any moment, and Waters and his cohorts are to escort any American citizens in the area to safety, most notably Dr. Lena Kendricks, a doctor from the United States who has set up a clinic in the jungle. Waters and his men find Kendricks, but she refuses to leave with them unless she can bring along 70 refugees who have been left to her care. Kendricks makes it clear that if they are left behind, the refugees will face certain death, but Waters's C.O. insists he bring back Kendricks -- but not her patients. Forced by his conscience to disobey orders, Waters and his team race against time to escort the refugees to a border town where they will find safe haven before invading troops can ambush them. It was truly amazing how other white men ( priests and nuns) gave up their lives to stay behind and help those who were injured. This was an amazing movie for me and also very influential. It was very sad that tears came out of my eyes just watching how people were being brutally murdered in Africa. 

Children and Violent Video Games

I think one of the biggest popular culture figure is Video Games. More and more kids are playing video and computer games — especially ultra-violent ones that are top sellers. Research shows that children are also spending increasing amounts of time playing them: an average of 13 hours per week for boys and five hours for girls. A recent content analysis by the research organization Children Now shows that a majority of video games include violence and about half of the violent incidents would result in serious injuries or death in the "real" world. Kids today do nothing but play video games. Some very inappropriate for their age but still continue to play it. Like for an Example Grand Theft Auto, that is an awesome  game to play, but the violence portrayed in it itself is excruciating. It portrays lots naked individuals and lots of violent actions. I love to play it but i wouldn't like my little 12 and under brother or sister to play it. And later on these children have wild ideas from these video games and do something inevitable. I think that kids shouldn't concentrate more on video games instead of their education. Because once you grow older playing video games isn't going to help you, your education will.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hands down my favorite movie is Friday Night Lights. I like the movie so much because Ive been playing football my whole life and the movie is about a high school football team and their road to the Texas state championship. Its a very emotional and motivational movie for young kids playing football. The influence this movie and other movies like this, Remember the Titans, have a great impact on young kids lives by teaching them how important it is to be a team player and to never give up, to keep fighting on no matter what. I am so thankful to have been able to grow up with such great sports movies.

The biggest pop culture mogul to have an influence on kids I would have to say would be Miley Cyrus. So many young kids a couple of years ago grew up to her TV show on Disney Channel. Her show would portray a quarky family but in the end Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, would always find a way to bring her family and friends together. Now she is swinging naked on wrecking balls and being very sexy on live TV, doesnt bother me, but it does have a big impact to those young girls who looked up to her. It makes them feel like its okay to do stuff like that if she is doing it. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pop Culture

Charlotte Gray is one of the influential movies that I strongly admire. The story based on Nancy Wake, who served as a British agent during WWII, and became  involved with the French resistance against the Nazi Occupation to France. Her clever strategies in planning and tactics against Germany got her the codenamed White Mouse”.

I carry a great admiration toward Charlize Theron whom became one of the  influential celebrities on children today, regarding her Hard-Hitting movies. Her advocacy work toward ending violence against women and children, fighting against AIDS among African youth, and campaigning for equal rights for gays, has given me a better understanding to help highlighting the crucial domestic and  international social issues. 

Pop Culture

Pitch Perfect is an aspiring and influential movie to me. It is about a girl named Becca who comes to college not being apart of any group or having any friends, then finds a singing group and makes friends and loves being apart of it. Becca then helps lead her singing group to nationals which they received first place in.

The biggest influences I believe are sports stars. They are the most hard working people in my eyes. They have had to work so hard to get to where they are now it was never just handed to them. Kobe Bryant is one of those people many children look up to. He is one of the best players in the basketball league with a gold medal from the Olympics and many championship rings. From when he was a child he said his favorite team was the Lakers and that one day he is going to play for them and he did. He shows kids to never dream too big or give up on your dreams.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pop culture: T.I influence.

My musical artist influence is T.I. Who is also an award-winning and Grammy nominating rapper. This artist has a major influence as a role model in my life and to others. He had showed me how a person's background is irrelevant to their future and how their actions and accomplishments depict success. He signifies as an hardworking entrepreneur and family men as well. He states how ones progression can solidify their career in life. As he constructed his album work entitling ''king" he states him overcoming from the streets and drugs to the path of success. He grew up in a rural drug populated neighborhood where he dropped out of school at a young age after his dad moved out and favorite uncle went behind bars. Without no guidance and help he inspired himself to become talented with words and he started to form skills with rapping. As a young kid whose ambitions grew with no family support and later getting a musical industry deal with famous artists. He showed me how a kid can be self-motivated and dedicated to his dreams with no support. T.i influenced me to become a symbol in my community and to avoid failure. He showed me how an individual can change himself and his surroundings with one positive effect. He also showed me how ones accomplishments can uphold their future.

I think Musicians have the biggest influence on children more than any other Pop figures because Musicians  express their lives and emotions to the world and they let everyone sympathize their messages. They send out vivid information regarding their lives and thoughts to the media. And children interpret these messages the most and they start to acknowledge and inherit the artists work. Musicians also relate with kids through experiences they had. Musicians also inspire children to become strong and outspoken through their words. Children adapt to music more than films because they enjoy the context and vocals of music. The major influence of musicians is inspiring children to express their minds freely with enlightened words such as music.
 A movie that has influenced me is The Bucket List. In the movie Carter (Morgan Freeman) and Edward (Jack Nicholson) are two middle aged men who have just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Jack and Edward meet in the hospital where they were being treated. Jack and Edward take a road trip with a list of things they want to do before they " kick the bucket". On there journey they experience many different things and learn a little. This movie has taught me to live with no regrets and to enjoy it while you.
I believe that sports stars have the most influence on children these days because what little kid doesn't want to be a pro athlete. When i was little i would do watch baseball all day long and all i ever wanted was to play in the majors just like my favorite catcher Jason Kendal. 

Pop Culture Influence

Pop Culture

My favorite movie is "Mean Girls" by Lindsay Lohan.  I don't like her but I like this movie.  The "Mean Girls" is talks about a girl Cady who came back to United States from Africa.  Everything is new to Cady and she has to involve in the new school.  The Plastic girls take an interest in Cady.  The movie describles how Cady changes by many factors such as friendship, family, school, and love.  I like this movie a lot because I think everyone can be change by many factors.  I can see Cady's struggle when she involve in new school.  I feel I have same experience like her when I took my first class in America.  I think there are many different kind people in the worlds.  We might like others or we don't like others.  We always learning new things everyday.  Our parents can be our role model, our friendship can change our view and we will grow up through many influences.  I learn that no matter what kind situations I am facing, never let negative things affect our views.  We should take all the positive things and always looking forward.

I think today's pop music is a biggest influence on children.  I read a article about Eminem's music and most parents don't like his music.  I feel the lyrics are very violent.  It contents a lot of stories that about dysfunction childhood, suicide, and unhealthy relationships.  I think a lot of the American teenagers like listen Eminem's music.  Honesty, I don't like his music.  Most of his songs are relate to the real life.  His music can be big factor that influence teenagers.  They might become violent and saying the inappropraite words.   


 The movie influenced me is a new Hindi movie called "student of the year". This is a one of the highest grossing Bollywood films; this is a romantic, comedy and academic movie. This movie is take place in a college. the movie has three main leads, two male and one female.Shanaya Singhania played by Alia Bhatt  is the popular  arrogant girl whom every guy in the college wants to be with her.Rohan Nanda played by Varun Dhawan , the son of a business tycoon, and his father is the chairman of the college. Abhimanyu "Abhi" Singh played by Sidharth Malhotra, who comes from a middle-class family, is there on a scholarship, and wants to achieve great heights of success and prosperity; the first step to which will be the Student of the Year trophy. At first Abhi and Rohan's relation was not good but later they both came best friends. Shanaya is Rohan's girlfriend but Rohan never take her in serious. Abhi became as a with Shanaya but one day Abhi gradually moves away from Shanaya after she finds out that he likes her. After Rohan, Abhi and Shanaya are selected for the competition, Abhi and Shanaya's team win the first segment of the competition.Abhi's grandma has a sudden cardiac arrest. After Abhi's grandma dies, he turns reclusive and tries to avoid everyone including Shanaya, but a sudden moment of spark leads to them kissing only to be caught by Rohan. A fight between Rohan and Abhi ensues, in which both of them get severely hurt. The foes-turned-friends-turned foes, Abhi and Rohan, are ready for a face-off and battle lines are drawn through the length and breadth of the campus, with only one goal in everyone’s eyes - the Student of the Year trophy. During the second segment of the competition, Rohan realizes that Shanaya loves Abhi. In the final segment, Rohan wins, with Abhi coming in as a very close second. After ten years, Rohan became great musician and Abhi became a Business tycoon and Abhi married with Shanaya. After ten year when they meet again Abhi and Rohan argued about the trophy because Abhi lost the trophy on purpose and Rohan knew that so they again fight and asked Abhi why did he do this? Abhi explains his actions by telling Rohan that he saw his father enjoying Rohan lose, after which he decided to slow down to teach Rohan's father a lesson. Another argument sparks another fight between Rohan and Abhi, which then ends in them making up. In the end, it is shown Abhi and Rohan racing together in a stadium, showing that nothing can break their friendship forever.
Everyone likes this movie. the songs of this movie is highly popular in everywhere.children get to know about friendship and education. Children do dance of the songs from this movie.i think this is a really good movie and i think children get to know education and friendship from this movie. Being a successful person is really hard struggling and facing lot of problems and at the end we get the success. we meet lot of people in daily life and make lot of friend but during school and college time friends are special from others.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pop Culture

A movie that influenced is me A Little Bit of Heaven with Kate Hudson and Gael Bernal. In the movie Kate Hudson plays the role of a woman who has developed cancer and is dying fairly quickly. Throughout the movie Kate Hudson struggles through her everyday life but is always trying to stay positive. With Gael Bernal on her side, he becomes a supportive role for her throughout this process. This movie has influenced me to be grateful for my health but also supportive of others when they are going through rough times.

In my opinion I think that musicians have the biggest influence on children today. I think that musicians have the biggest influence because children see what they are doing and try to do the same thing. They believe that whatever the "superstars" are doing is what they should also be doing. A musician I believe has a big influence on children today is Selena Gomez. I think she is a big influence because of her background with Disney Channel and how she has always had a young fan base. As Selena gets older her decisions are still influencing those children who looked up to her. What she says in her music expresses her individuality and some children want to strive to act like her.  Their music influences children to act a certain way also.

A movie that has had an influence on me would be click. This movie has had an influence on me because it showed me that every minute of your life is equally as important and you should never take any point of your life for granted.

The pop culture figure that influences children the most in today's society would be Michael Jordan. Generally , as a child, the majority of children will play some type of sport and admire the superstars of their specific sport. They strive to be like this "superstar" and become him or her when they are  older and often times they imagine themselves being like him or her while they play their sport.
A movie that has influenced me is 1994 classic, The Shawshank Redemption, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. This movie influenced me to always have hope, even when you are in the worse place possible, or if you're just having a bad day. More people accomplish small victories in their life than big challenges. So, from this movie, I learned to always have hope regardless of the situation and how bad it is. It's hope that drives the soul, and makes the person continue to move on. This have helped me in my voyage in this life, and will continue to aide me as I continue my journey

I think that sports players (mostly football, basketball and baseball players) have the biggest impact on children. As they grow up, many children play sports, and most of them admire a certain athlete that plays that same sport. For me, when I was growing up, A.J. Hawk, for the Ohio State Buckeyes, was the athlete I looked up too. He was a great linebacker, a good football player in general and every time I played football, I pretended to be him. With determination and practice, many of these kids want to be like these sports players, and some end up succeeding. Some plays different sports year round so that they can play the sports that they enjoy. In addition, some of the children try to imagine that they are their favorite player, during a game.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rest in Peace, Maria.

This is a picture of Maria Tiberi, an OSU student who died last night in a car crash.  Her father is sportscaster Dom Tiberi.

Maria took my poetry class two years ago and was just a warm, kind-hearted, talented, and fun-loving young woman.  It makes me very sad to hear she is gone.

Her family will need our prayers and thoughts and my heart goes out to them.

Just want to share this news, students, and remind you to please be safe out there in life and on the roads.


Maria with her father, Dom.  She wrote a lot of poems about him, and kidded with him a lot.

This was our Poetry class at the old OSU campus in Delaware.  Maria is on the far right next.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welles Crowther

I am writing this blog on Welles Crowther. Welles as a young kid noticed his father putting a red handkerchief in his left shirt pocket. Welles was really close to his dad so he wanted to do the same thing. At age six Welles father gave him a red bandana that up untill his death he always wore. Welles became a firefighter in his early 20's. On September 11 Welles got the news the South towers had been hit so he gave a call to his mother and father stating he was alright and that he was going in to save the survivors. His father worked in the North tower, so he was waiting watching the South Tower knowing his son was in there. Welles was on the 78th floor rescuing survivors carrying the wounded down 30 floors to a working elevator and back up making countless trips. at 9:59 he had made it up to the 103rd floor with a broken arm, cracked ribs, and a punctured lung still getting people to safety. While his father was watching the South Tower hoping his son would make it out, all of a sudden it collapsed. Welles body was found on March 19, 2002 and they could tell it was him because he was wearing his trademark red bandana around his face.

What surprised me the most about this story is how since age six he has worn his red bandana 24/7 during sports games and at school making it his trademark and this is also how he was later identified after his heroic actions.

I don't think I can relate to Welles because  he is more brave than I will ever be. I would like to take some of his bravery and use it in my life to help me become a better person and try and become half the man Welles was.

William J. Mahoney II was not a victim of the 9/11 attacks, he was a hero. I have always been inspired by stories of brave people who run towards fear instead of away. William Mahoney ran into the World Trade Centers knowing he might have to sacrifice his own life to save others as a Fire Fighter in New York, City. This wasnt Williams first encounter with a plan crash. Before he was a Fire Fighter he was a New York police scuba diver and assisted with the recovery effort for the TWA Flight 800 crash. He was the father of four and a baseball coach. His heroic actions will never be forgotten, especially by is family. Another thing that surprised me was how big his family was. He ran into the World Trade Center knowing how many people who loved him that he would have to leave behind. What I could apply to my own life from Williams is to always be unselfish and giving yourself for the better of others. He was truly a great man and I am going to try and live my life like I know William would.


Christine Lee Hanson

It always surprises me how people could be emptying their hearts from mercy and innocence with deceiving thoughts, thinking to represent the name of God. Christine Lee Hanson was only two years old when the fatal attack happened. She Loved to work in the garden with her father. “After they all done planting, Christine would say to a tree or plant: ‘I bet you are thirsty. Let me feed you and five you a hug,’” Mrs. Hanson said. Eight years ago before the attack, Mr. Hanson whom is passionate about his work and most things he pursued, married Sue Kim, a Korean American doctoral candidate in micro-biology at Boston University. The couple had one child which is Christine. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Hanson, Sue Kim and Christine Lee presumed dead in the crash of an airline into the World Trade Center. This atrocious attack made us learn that ignorance is one the of apparatuses to kill the feeling of innocence and sympathy toward others. As human being, we should put an end to the brutality in ourselves and start to have some logic sense about our actions. 

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”_ Thomas Campbell

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jessica Leigh Sachs

Age: 23
Place of Residence: Billerica, MA
Location on 9/11: Aircraft, Flight 11
Occupation: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Auditer

She is born in April 22, 1978 in Rhode Island. She grew up in Minnesota. She did graduation in accounting (BBA) from University of Massachusetts in December 2000. She had accepted a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an accountant and was working long hours there. Every Saturday she went to an eight-hour course for the C.P.A. exam. And on Sundays, as usual, she attended services at New Colony Baptist Church in Billerica, Mass. When she realized that UMass, with 26,000 students, had no Southern Baptist ministry, she helped establish Mercy House on campus. She applied for only two jobs, at the first- and second-largest accounting companies, and was offered a place at each. On Sept. 11, she was flying from Boston to Los Angeles on business, her first trip out West; eight months into her job as an auditor in the Boston office of PricewaterhouseCoopers when she boarded American Airlines Flight 11 on a business trip to Los Angeles. It was her first and last trip in her life.
 I surprised her death which is very quotation.She was very young and she was a nice person who always helps people and children.i like her thoughts for students, and i surprised for her hard work. she goes college and rest of time she does social works which is very hard to maintain time and study.
i am proud to be like her, if i get chance to do something for others i never will loss that and i will survive for my country. i respect to her thoughts, and her feelings. i will do hard work in my study as like her and do social works. life is one and i don't want live only for me, i want to live for others.i want to do something different from others, which will give my familiarization.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11/2001 catastrophe.

Waleed iskander ( age 34)

Waleed Iskander was a inspiring rare and remarkable person who managed to touch the lives of everyone around him and in his fieldwork. His homeland was originally from United Kingdom, London. And came to New York as a chief of digital strategy for Europe, monitoring group. Waleed was located at the AA fight 11 group on that day. He had many interests and he believed in living his live to the fullest. He loved all sorts of activities such as traveling to different parts of the globe and spending time with his family and close friends. He was an admirable person known for his kindness and compassion around everywhere he went to. He had high ambitions to succeed as a top chief digital monitoring group and was a liable and loyal family person.

[Waleed Iskandar]
In researching the victims of 9/11. I came into an enthusiast explorer who was a leading global strategy consultant. He served his life as as a leader and died as a warrior. The thing i found interesting about this person is his accomplishments and attributes in his community as he was a foreign coming to America he went to Harvard where he grew knowledge and became inevitably courageous. The main thing that surprised me is how he was on vacation going to see his mother the day he died. He happened to be on one of the hijacked plains in American airlines flight 11 when the unthinkable happened.

This consultant was a role figure in which he was a hardworking intelligent foreign who managed to graduate from one of the top universities in the country.His wide ranges of compatibility helped him reach his goals and I admire his efforts and achievements in life. He taught me a lesson to always work hard and dream big because the world is the limit and you can control it with your opinions and actions. He also showed me how family comes first in everything and traveling is a way of life even as a busy worker.                                      

Best Friends Forever




 This here is Joseph Peter Anchundia he is 26 years old. He worked at sandler O’Neill & partners as an investment banker, and he had recently been promoted, which sure made christene Anchundia, his mother, very proud. World trade center, tower 2, 104th floor. Mr. Anchundia was a middle child and a momma's boy. Apart from growing up, going to school together, (doing just about EVERYTHING together), he also worked and shared an apartment with Judd Cavalier, one of his lifelong best friends. You know what makes it more comforting, if that should be possible? from what I've read, Joe was always an upbeat person, the kind of guy who would wake up at 6am, and whistle his way to shower, always keeping a smile on his face. So... not only was he having a good day, but if his life had to come to an end, he wasn't alone. Joe and Judd, inseparable in life, also became inseparable in death. Judson Cavalier, 26, who grew up in Huntington, worked at Sandler O'Neill & Partners on the 104th floor of the south tower. In his three years at the company, Cavalier, known as "Judd," had embraced the fast pace of Wall Street and was looking forward to a promotion from bond researcher to salesman, said his mother, Linda Cavalier of Huntington.What really surprised me the most about these two wonderful guys was that they died at the same place. it was really shocking to have found out that these people were very connected. They ever shared an apartment, they worked at the same place and they were even best friends since school.  Something that i learned from these two people and that i might apply to my own life would be to have courage,confident, and to be an honest person like they were. They studies hard, got the jobs there dream jobs. I think i would like to think that maybe someday, my life turn exactly as theirs did.  They got everything they every wanted in life. Someday i hope. my dreams come true for me too.