Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welles Crowther

I am writing this blog on Welles Crowther. Welles as a young kid noticed his father putting a red handkerchief in his left shirt pocket. Welles was really close to his dad so he wanted to do the same thing. At age six Welles father gave him a red bandana that up untill his death he always wore. Welles became a firefighter in his early 20's. On September 11 Welles got the news the South towers had been hit so he gave a call to his mother and father stating he was alright and that he was going in to save the survivors. His father worked in the North tower, so he was waiting watching the South Tower knowing his son was in there. Welles was on the 78th floor rescuing survivors carrying the wounded down 30 floors to a working elevator and back up making countless trips. at 9:59 he had made it up to the 103rd floor with a broken arm, cracked ribs, and a punctured lung still getting people to safety. While his father was watching the South Tower hoping his son would make it out, all of a sudden it collapsed. Welles body was found on March 19, 2002 and they could tell it was him because he was wearing his trademark red bandana around his face.

What surprised me the most about this story is how since age six he has worn his red bandana 24/7 during sports games and at school making it his trademark and this is also how he was later identified after his heroic actions.

I don't think I can relate to Welles because  he is more brave than I will ever be. I would like to take some of his bravery and use it in my life to help me become a better person and try and become half the man Welles was.



  1. It's kind of depressing knowing that they found his body 7 months after the attacks. However, it looks like Welles was a true American Hero; helping and sacrificing his life to save others.

  2. this is very sad, he was a very brave man

  3. That's a great example of a hero in mind. Risking everything to save others from dying.

  4. This man's the definition of a true hero, literally giving everything he had to save others from dying.

  5. Wow! He wasnt just brave i define him as a courageous warrior in life and in his community and how he went in to save the wounded victims from the collapsing building with critical conditions. Big props.!


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