Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Joanne Ahladiotis

Joanne Ahladiotis grew up in Rocky Point and then moved to Forest Hills in Queens. At age 27 she died from the 911 attacks. She worked on the 104th floor in the first tower. She was described as full of good intentions and always having a smile on her face. Her nickname was "Miss Smiley." In high school she was voted best smile by her classmates. On the same year she died she traveled all over the world. Some places she visited were Bermuda, Greece, California and England. She said everyday was like a holiday and we should celebrate it like one. Her last week before she died she spent it in Las Vegas with her parents. Her mother said "It was the best week of her life." She was a role model to her cousin Roula Galanakis and spent a lot of time with her. Their hobbies were shopping and cooking together. Joanne is greatly missed by her friends and family everyday.
The thing that meant the most to me when researching Joanne was how much her smile seemed to affect everyones day to day lives. It is nice to see how someone can impact someone else's life by just a simple thing like smiling to them.
I think by just hearing how much she was a caring and welcoming person can inspire me to be more welcoming towards others and always have a positive attitude. Just the simple things she seemed to do would turn peoples days around. In addition too it shows me that small gestures can mean a whole lot more then you think.


  1. The story is very touched. I like how you describable and tell about her nickname.

  2. i like her nick name and her journey to abroad.

  3. Only the good die young atleast she lived a happy life during her time here on earth.

  4. She seems like an outgoing generous women, I admire her personality just by looking from her picture.


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