Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pop Culture

Pitch Perfect is an aspiring and influential movie to me. It is about a girl named Becca who comes to college not being apart of any group or having any friends, then finds a singing group and makes friends and loves being apart of it. Becca then helps lead her singing group to nationals which they received first place in.

The biggest influences I believe are sports stars. They are the most hard working people in my eyes. They have had to work so hard to get to where they are now it was never just handed to them. Kobe Bryant is one of those people many children look up to. He is one of the best players in the basketball league with a gold medal from the Olympics and many championship rings. From when he was a child he said his favorite team was the Lakers and that one day he is going to play for them and he did. He shows kids to never dream too big or give up on your dreams.


  1. Pitch Perfect i think can be a very influential movie also because of how she finds her place in college and could be inspiring for some people.

  2. I can see you very active and love sports from your writing.

  3. i may say one day you can be like Becca


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