Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pop culture: T.I influence.

My musical artist influence is T.I. Who is also an award-winning and Grammy nominating rapper. This artist has a major influence as a role model in my life and to others. He had showed me how a person's background is irrelevant to their future and how their actions and accomplishments depict success. He signifies as an hardworking entrepreneur and family men as well. He states how ones progression can solidify their career in life. As he constructed his album work entitling ''king" he states him overcoming from the streets and drugs to the path of success. He grew up in a rural drug populated neighborhood where he dropped out of school at a young age after his dad moved out and favorite uncle went behind bars. Without no guidance and help he inspired himself to become talented with words and he started to form skills with rapping. As a young kid whose ambitions grew with no family support and later getting a musical industry deal with famous artists. He showed me how a kid can be self-motivated and dedicated to his dreams with no support. T.i influenced me to become a symbol in my community and to avoid failure. He showed me how an individual can change himself and his surroundings with one positive effect. He also showed me how ones accomplishments can uphold their future.

I think Musicians have the biggest influence on children more than any other Pop figures because Musicians  express their lives and emotions to the world and they let everyone sympathize their messages. They send out vivid information regarding their lives and thoughts to the media. And children interpret these messages the most and they start to acknowledge and inherit the artists work. Musicians also relate with kids through experiences they had. Musicians also inspire children to become strong and outspoken through their words. Children adapt to music more than films because they enjoy the context and vocals of music. The major influence of musicians is inspiring children to express their minds freely with enlightened words such as music.


  1. Good argument for why rappers influence children the most out of all the pop figures.

  2. I agree that musicians influence the mind of young children because of their enlightened words.

  3. Music is interesting thing in which we can feel emotion, love.


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