Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11/2001 catastrophe.

Waleed iskander ( age 34)

Waleed Iskander was a inspiring rare and remarkable person who managed to touch the lives of everyone around him and in his fieldwork. His homeland was originally from United Kingdom, London. And came to New York as a chief of digital strategy for Europe, monitoring group. Waleed was located at the AA fight 11 group on that day. He had many interests and he believed in living his live to the fullest. He loved all sorts of activities such as traveling to different parts of the globe and spending time with his family and close friends. He was an admirable person known for his kindness and compassion around everywhere he went to. He had high ambitions to succeed as a top chief digital monitoring group and was a liable and loyal family person.

[Waleed Iskandar]
In researching the victims of 9/11. I came into an enthusiast explorer who was a leading global strategy consultant. He served his life as as a leader and died as a warrior. The thing i found interesting about this person is his accomplishments and attributes in his community as he was a foreign coming to America he went to Harvard where he grew knowledge and became inevitably courageous. The main thing that surprised me is how he was on vacation going to see his mother the day he died. He happened to be on one of the hijacked plains in American airlines flight 11 when the unthinkable happened.

This consultant was a role figure in which he was a hardworking intelligent foreign who managed to graduate from one of the top universities in the country.His wide ranges of compatibility helped him reach his goals and I admire his efforts and achievements in life. He taught me a lesson to always work hard and dream big because the world is the limit and you can control it with your opinions and actions. He also showed me how family comes first in everything and traveling is a way of life even as a busy worker.                                      


  1. He looks like an amazing and ambitious guy. Hopefully all the people who worked with still remember all the kindness he showed them.

  2. it is such a tragedy for a loving and loyal person to end up like this.

  3. Seemed like a great guy its tragic his life had to end that way with having big goals set in life.

  4. That's sad that this had to happen to someone with such high dreams and ambitions


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