Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Siew Nya Ang

Siew Nya Ang was 37 years old when she died in the September 11 attack.  She born in Malaysia.  She had 2 daughter who named Jeanee and Winnee.  She was a technical analyst for Marsh USA Inc.  When the American Airline Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade North Tower, she was in her office on the 95th floor.  According to her family's description, Aug loved study, loved her family, and always hard working.  She always took care her daughters and wanted to dress them up like a princess.  Her daughters were missing Ang and had a hard time to say goodbye to Ang.  After the 2001, Her husband and her daughters flew back to Ang's hometown and attended her memorial with Ang's family.  She was a great women with all her passions to her work.  A great mom and great wife.  I feel the September Attack was the more sadness events that happened in 21th century.  Most people lose their family.  There are many case like Ang's family.  I feel it is so hard for their children because they don't have chance to say goodbye to their parents and friends.  I think Ang was a hardworking person and she loved her family.  Why should terrorist killed people that they haven't done something wrong?  I regret their lost in the September Attack.   


  1. I find it upsetting too, that many of the children of the people who died, never got to say goodbye to their loved ones, that were lost on that day.

  2. It is sad to hear that she had two daughters. Im sure they were very upset when they could not say goodbye to their mother.


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