Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pop Culture Influence

Pop Culture

My favorite movie is "Mean Girls" by Lindsay Lohan.  I don't like her but I like this movie.  The "Mean Girls" is talks about a girl Cady who came back to United States from Africa.  Everything is new to Cady and she has to involve in the new school.  The Plastic girls take an interest in Cady.  The movie describles how Cady changes by many factors such as friendship, family, school, and love.  I like this movie a lot because I think everyone can be change by many factors.  I can see Cady's struggle when she involve in new school.  I feel I have same experience like her when I took my first class in America.  I think there are many different kind people in the worlds.  We might like others or we don't like others.  We always learning new things everyday.  Our parents can be our role model, our friendship can change our view and we will grow up through many influences.  I learn that no matter what kind situations I am facing, never let negative things affect our views.  We should take all the positive things and always looking forward.

I think today's pop music is a biggest influence on children.  I read a article about Eminem's music and most parents don't like his music.  I feel the lyrics are very violent.  It contents a lot of stories that about dysfunction childhood, suicide, and unhealthy relationships.  I think a lot of the American teenagers like listen Eminem's music.  Honesty, I don't like his music.  Most of his songs are relate to the real life.  His music can be big factor that influence teenagers.  They might become violent and saying the inappropraite words.   


  1. I agree with you tong, He's a great rapper but i think his music is more fit for matured people.

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  3. Hey eminem is one of my favorite rappers he speak the truth in his raps. But yeah i do agree how his a big factor in teens behavior and interpretation of his lyrics.


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