Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jessica Leigh Sachs

Age: 23
Place of Residence: Billerica, MA
Location on 9/11: Aircraft, Flight 11
Occupation: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Auditer

She is born in April 22, 1978 in Rhode Island. She grew up in Minnesota. She did graduation in accounting (BBA) from University of Massachusetts in December 2000. She had accepted a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an accountant and was working long hours there. Every Saturday she went to an eight-hour course for the C.P.A. exam. And on Sundays, as usual, she attended services at New Colony Baptist Church in Billerica, Mass. When she realized that UMass, with 26,000 students, had no Southern Baptist ministry, she helped establish Mercy House on campus. She applied for only two jobs, at the first- and second-largest accounting companies, and was offered a place at each. On Sept. 11, she was flying from Boston to Los Angeles on business, her first trip out West; eight months into her job as an auditor in the Boston office of PricewaterhouseCoopers when she boarded American Airlines Flight 11 on a business trip to Los Angeles. It was her first and last trip in her life.
 I surprised her death which is very quotation.She was very young and she was a nice person who always helps people and children.i like her thoughts for students, and i surprised for her hard work. she goes college and rest of time she does social works which is very hard to maintain time and study.
i am proud to be like her, if i get chance to do something for others i never will loss that and i will survive for my country. i respect to her thoughts, and her feelings. i will do hard work in my study as like her and do social works. life is one and i don't want live only for me, i want to live for others.i want to do something different from others, which will give my familiarization.


  1. It's sad that her first flight was her last. But that is great that you want to be like her and help and do good for others.

  2. That's so sad, she was a great inspiration


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