Thursday, September 12, 2013

William J. Mahoney II was not a victim of the 9/11 attacks, he was a hero. I have always been inspired by stories of brave people who run towards fear instead of away. William Mahoney ran into the World Trade Centers knowing he might have to sacrifice his own life to save others as a Fire Fighter in New York, City. This wasnt Williams first encounter with a plan crash. Before he was a Fire Fighter he was a New York police scuba diver and assisted with the recovery effort for the TWA Flight 800 crash. He was the father of four and a baseball coach. His heroic actions will never be forgotten, especially by is family. Another thing that surprised me was how big his family was. He ran into the World Trade Center knowing how many people who loved him that he would have to leave behind. What I could apply to my own life from Williams is to always be unselfish and giving yourself for the better of others. He was truly a great man and I am going to try and live my life like I know William would.



  1. I would do the same as you Jake. something that i got just from reading Williams story, is that sometimes it isn't always about you. Just by giving up his life to safe someone is truly amazing and heroic.


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