Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lt. John Napolitano (age 33)

John served in the FDNY Rescue 2, during the events of 9/11. Being a fireman was his life's work, and accoridng to some, the amount of medals he recieved could fill a box. According to his father, that at a young age, John had wanted to help people. In, high school John became a junior volunteer firefighter within the Lakeland Fire Department. He was later relocated to New York, to join their fire department. Most of his fellow fireman said that he was a professional at his job, and very brave. During one emergency, John went back into a buring building to rescue his fellow fireman in the inferno that surounded him. But, he was not just a heroic firefighter, but hero to his famiyl, being a loving father, husband and friend. On September 11, 2001, John and FDNY Rescue 2 were called to the World Trade Center, where he and many other fireman in his brigade, lost their lives, due to the catestrophic events of that day.

In researching victims of the 9/11 attacks, I chose to research someone who was in the fire department, because it was them who did everything they could, in the face of fear and the unknown; sadly, many of them met their demise, including this brave fireman, at the World Trade Center, in New York. John was a brave and courageous fireman, receiving medals for his gallantry in the face of danger. For a fireman, policeman or serviceman, this is what i look for in them, because if it wasn't for men like John, many others would have died. In my opinion, John was one of the brave souls chose to go into danger, knowing the consequences, and that's what makes heroes.

From this man's life, one thing I have learned is to always be brave, even though the worse can happen, you just have to put that out of your mind (and I'm sure John did). John and many other firemen and policemen like him, make this country what it is. In fact, I think men like John should be made and example of, to show people what it is like and how it is like to have bravery and valor. People can learn from John, and apply these acts to their lives, for if the worse were to ever happen again.


  1. This man really is a true representation on how brave the firefighters were to go back into the burning building to rescue his friend.

  2. This man is someone anyone could look up to in there lives, he didn't back down in the face of danger and that makes him a true hero.

  3. John is a real example of a man. great post glad i got to learn about this brave hero


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