Friday, November 29, 2013

last journal

     One of the big things that I like a lot better than high school was being able to pick out your classes and schedule them to your own schedule, I also like being able to meet new different people from all over.
     A lot of my frustration comes from if you miss one class you miss a lot and it's hard to make up. Also commuting is very frustrating as well because you never know what the traffic will be like or weather or car problems will happen.
     My sister is definitely my biggest supporter, she is always giving me advice for the daily struggles and helps me with homework and anything I really need. My mom would probably be my main supporter because she pays for my college and reminds me of my goals and why im going to school.
     If I could change one thing about Ohio State I would change the off campus and make it on campus and just in different buildings so you still get that college feel without having to drive 40 minutes every day,
     The thing I'm going to change is how I motivate myself to go to class everyday and just remind myself how much my mom works to put me through college and how I need to take advantage of the opportunities that ive been given.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I need to know if you're my true friend
will you be by my side until the end
can I tell you my secrets deep
 and trust them in your heart you'll keep?
we are neither of us without our flaws
can you accept mine as I will be yours? 
I'll be a shoulder to cry on when I need you 
No matter how busy I will make time for you
if you are busy will you make time for me too
I will take you hand and comfort you tears
will you hold me and soothe my fears
I will give you joy and many warm smiles
can we share that even across many miles 
I will not forget what's important to me too
with you most favorite thing I'll share
if only I know do you truly care
if  you can accept me as I do you
then I will know you're my true friend

Dear, Karmiloa
I don’t have a reason why I wrote this other than I was thinking of you today. I was thinking how wonderful you are. You are such a good friend to me. You are my sister and I love you. I look back at when we first met in elementary school. Who would have known, we would still be so tight? People have come and gone in and out of our lives but we remained friends. Through ups and down, arguments and sad times, nothing has been able to come between us. I just want you to know that I thank you for your loyalty, your friendship, your love. I know I have been guilty at times of not being the best I could be as a friend, but you’ve been so forgiven. I love you for that. When I met you in elementary school, I realize right away that you had a sweet personality, a wonderful sense of humor and a heart that draws people to you.
Throughout the years I watched you grow up to be a responsible woman, a loving mother, wife and friend. I draw strength from you. I saw a little girl with so many dreams with little resources become a woman that stands today, successful, strong and beautiful. I admire you. All good that has come to you, you have deserved. You sow so many good seeds and your harvest has been great. I appreciate how hard you worked. I am so proud of the woman you have become.
 With love

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radhika Naidu
26th Nov, 2013

Journal 11

For me education is important and it does not matter where I learn I mean at school or college. Education is leveled; high school education is different from college. College is better than high school because students manage their own time while in high school student’s time is structured by others. College students arrange their own schedule in consultation with their adviser and schedules tend to look lighter than they really are. High school is mandatory and usually free while College is voluntary and expensive. In college education students need to lot of study, at least 2 to 3 hours outside of class for each hour in class and tests are harder than high school tests. My parents are biggest support for my college education. My dad has low income and he is the only person who works at my home. Both of my parents are attained only high school. I am the first person at my home who attained the college. My parents know the importance of education in life and they always tells me and my brothers to study well and achieve good degree. They always support us and trust us. I see my dad is working so hard to earn some money for us and he never wants his kids will do the same work whatever he does. If I could change anything in Ohio State is only one thing which is tuition fee. Lot of students could not get college education because of the college or tuition fee. If tuition fee cost is changed to little low than every student get chance to higher study in their life. In my college career I would like to learn more things which are outside of classes like join to groups or clubs. Study groups are most benefits for me where I can ask question to others and get more information if I missed anything. During exam time we all discuss together and study or practice together so we can do well in exam. I would like spend my time in my study so I can do well in my education.

Journal 11 from Ilyas

1.) I think there are a lot of beter things about college then high school. But two things i found interesting in college than high school would be the independency and self motivation it has on us. College is more diverse than high school and it allows us to understand one another. College gives us an oppurtunity to start a new education. unlike high school, high school is small and every one knows each other's personality and characteristics. the other thing i like about college is its class schedules its less stressful and more relaxed than high school. As we feel vulnerable to our choices it allows us to balance our lives. The big change i found in college was its counselors. I find couselors in colleges are more determined and supportive than high school. They are nor demandng are carfree and will help you get into a major.The online scheduling is also a fun part and allows us to take control of classes instead of having school administers schedule for us.

2.) I find no frustration from the transitions of high school, thus far. But the only thing i felt was uprepared. I thought college was going to be more complex and stressful. but i find no challenges so far and feel more confident with my decisions in college.

3.) My biggest source in college is my older siblings and mother. they strive me to be influential and self-determined about my choices in life. As my siblings had college experience and know better about the studies they are my true supporters. they are the one that helped me choose my major wisely. without their support i would have been undecided and wouldnt know what university interested me.

4.) if i could change some things about OSU is with their branch partnership. I wish osu marion and newark offered more classes in delaware. I also wished they gave more oppurtunity to students about their classes. i would also change OSU back to quarters as i found it a better way for studens to get more credits in. it will also give students a head start for their majors.

5.) An adjustment i would make in college would be taking more serious with studing. As classes were a breeze for me this semester i know it will toughen up and get more confusing. i would have to partner up with groups for study time and creat good methods of studying with a certain amount of time. As i heardstudying at colllege is stressful i would make a great habit of studying more often and preparing myself with better resources to succeed. Nonetheless, college is more excitful and relaxed than high school.

Adjustments and Transitions

Amal Osman
Mike Lohre
English 1109
September 30, 2013

Adjustments and Transitions
1.      What are two things about college that are better that high school?
Ø  Having breaks
Ø  Selecting the classes you desire.
2.      What are two things that cause frustration or challenges in the transition to college education? Why?
Ø  Exams, because every instructor has a certain way of teaching and sometimes that throws you off if you don’t know the important notes that you should study.
Ø  Missing class, it also throws you off, because you miss the lectures and important info that the instructor went over.
3.      Who is your biggest source of support for your college studies and goals? How does he/she help you?
Ø  Kylie Butte is the biggest source of support for my college studies and goals because she is always there to help me when I need an advise or help. She goes through all the options that you might have and she tells what might be best for you.
4.      If you could change one thing about Ohio State, what would you change to improve it?
Ø  One thing I could change about Ohio State if I could would be the amount of fees we pay. I feel like even though we have to pay for the fees and we have financial aid opportunity it is still hard to meet the payment deadlines.
5.      End this journal with a specific adjustment you think you can make that will help you in college in the future. What change or adjustments might help you improve your habits or performance?
Ø  A change that I can make that will help you in college in the future, would be make friends so later on when it is exam week you can ask he/she to be your study buddy. By doing this it could really help me become better at studying and even do well on my exams.

Journal 11

I already miss high school no lie. I school was funnier than college. Two things in college that is better than in college is a freedom. In college you have more freedom then you had high school in high school you would not choose your class the teachers would choose it for you, and you may not like that class and you have taken those class. One thing that causes frustration or challenges in the transition to college education is that many of the college student are independent and may have hard time try to succeed life.

My biggest source of support for my college life is my Dad. He is the one who thought me how drive a car so I can go school with it he gives me his car all the time and he just stays home. My dad is my biggest role model I don’t know what I would do without him. I really don’t know that much about Ohio State so I really don’t know what they need to change and what they don’t need to change, may be if I stay more I would know that question.  In college is not that easy as people think its. For the next time may if I take less class it would be less easy for me to perform. I’m planning to take less class and easier once.


Journal 11

1. Two things about college that are better then high school. You dont have to ask to go to the bathroom, Your able to pick your classes and work around your job, if you know you have work that time you can pick classes that dont start at that time

2.What frustrates me a little, is that every thing seems like its coming at you at one time like a big work load that you have to do and each class and then something else is coming right back at you
What is a challenge to me is all the books you have to read in you got one for every class in high school it wasnt like that you have maybe one are two classes you knew you would have to take books home in

3. I would have to say my mom is my biggest source of my support she  helps me study and she helps me in every way she can to push me to reach all my goals and by my mom being so successful she pushes me to do better because im able to look up to her

4. One thing that I would change about Ohio State is to have them help thier freshman students a little more

5. A specific adjustment would be to improve the way I handle my time as far as studying and reading and not waiting to do things
Making sure I spend 2 hours everyday studying

Adjustments and Transitions

There are many things different from college and high school that are good and bad. One thing that I find better in college then high school is you get more freedom in college. In college you have breaks between classes where you can do certain things. In high school there were no breaks and you could not go out of the building but in college you are free to go. Another thing I find better in college then high school is you get a more variety of classes to chose from. In college you can chose from classes that interest you rather then high school there was a list of classes you were required to take with little room to schedule classes that interest you. One frustration I find in the transition to college is citing different things. In high school I was required to do a different format when citing different sources so in result it is a hard adjustment. Another challenge I find in the transition to college education is the writing many things. In high school I would write a minimal one essay a month but not I usually write at least two every two weeks. My biggest supporter for my college goals and studies is my mom. My mom helps me by motivating me to stay on top of my different things I have to do. She helps me balance school work and tells me how important it is to not get behind on things. If I could change one thing about Ohio State I would change would be bigger classes at the Delaware campus. I think they should make more seats available in different classes so it is not so hard to get into one specific class.  One change that might help me improve my performance is being more organized. I think if I develop being more organized I would accomplish more things I need to get done.

Adjustments and Transitions

Overall college has been a better experience than high school. Only taking five classes a week rather then taking six classes a day made learning a lot easier. Also, I like that everything is more independent. The transition between high school to college wasn't difficult but it often times was frustrating. Having to schedule your own classes is a lot more challenging then going into your consolers office and them doing it for you. Also, keeping up with my online class was frustrating because this was the first time I took an online class and I sometimes forgot about the homework. The biggest source of support for my colleges goals would be myself, because I am determined to do better then I did in high school. The one thing that I would like to change about Ohio State would be the classroom size. A specific adjustment that I could make to help me perform better would be to take more time studying.
Journal 11

1. There are many aspects of how college is better than high school. However, two of them are privacy and the fact that class is every other day. One, unlike high school, college offers a new and private life, a fresh start, to a new world. In high school, every one knew every single thing you did, while in college (until I live on main campus) people won't know me that well, and I prefer that privacy. Secondly, I like he fact that class is every other day because it gives you time to do you work efficiently, and without problems. Unlike high school, usually when given home work is given, it is due the next day along with all your other classes homework.
2. So far, I have not been faced with many challenges in college. Aside from the transition over the summer of scheduling for classes, I have not faced many, if not any problems thus far in college.
3. The biggest support for my college studies would have to be myself. I like to consider myself as a lone wolf and I get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible, with as little help as possible. Granted, as I progress throughout college, I will probably have to enter study groups or receive help from others, but for now, I'm working by myself. I will say that my brother has helped me out with the whole scheduling process, since he has already graduated from OSU and is familiar with the system. Also, many of my friends and family are encouraging me, but I'm doing everything on my own.
4. One thing I would change about OSU, if possible, would be to offer more classes at the Delaware branch, or to go back on the quarter system. I would prefer quarters over semesters because I could then take more classes in the same amount of time. Therefore, I could get more classes completed at the Marion and Delaware branch, for less tuition.
5. One adjustment for me, in my college career, would have to be the benefit of being in study groups. Although this semester, classes were fairly "easy," I know down the road they will get harder and there will be more work, and thus, I will most likely need to adjust my time for friends or classmates to study for exams and tests.

Last Journal

I think the college is much better than high school.  The environment is different than high school.  On the college's hall way, it's not crowd compares to the hall way in high school.  Also we can chose our own class and our own time.  The college will not call your parents if you miss school.  I think two thing that cause frustration is there always a due day of each project or homework.  We need know our schedule and finish the works before the due day.  We have to ask the questions if we don't understand something.  My biggest source of support for the college studies is my parents.  They give me the chance and money to study in college.  They are my big supporter.  I think if I can change one thing about Ohio State, I will change the setting on the Carmen.  The Carmen is useful but I always forget the due day of my project.  So if they can send my a notification to my email and tell me the due day is coming that will be great.  In the future, I will be join clubs in Ohio State because I think that will make my college life more interesting.  I will ask more questions if I don't understand the questions.  I think do the homework, listen in the class and study hard after class will help me improve my grade in the future.

Adjustments and Transitions

Two things about college that are better about high school are one, having way more free time. I like this because you can mostly lay low and hang out a lot more here than if you were at home. Second I like all the extra curricular activities on the weekends like football games and block parties, they are a lot of fun. One things that causes frustration in college education is since I have so much free time it's not always easy to get my school work and home work done. Another thing difficult that frustrates me is all the mid terms and exams college has. There is a lot more material and tests over the semester then highs school has. My biggest source of help is probably my roommate because we have a lot of the same classes and we try and push each other to get the work done at home and quiz each other for our tests. If I could change one things about Ohio State I would probably like to have smaller lectures and classes on main campus. This would help me to focus more and not be so overwhelmed having 500 kids in a class. An adjustment I would make for my future success would be to get more on set schedule and routine at home when it comes to school work. I need to be more organized and get my priorities in line.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Journal 10

I watched a Ted video by Larry Smith called "Why you will fail to have a great career" In this video, Smith talks about all the reasons people fail to recognize there true passion and fail to pursue it.  Smith says people fail to pursue there passion because of the fear of failure, and the thought that they are not "talented" enough to make a great career out of there passion.  He says that people don't follow there passion because of the fact that they are content with having a "good" career doing something they don't love instead of taking the risk to have a great career doing something they love.

I really liked this video because it opened my eyes up to the fact that you should always follow your passion and work hard towards something you can be great at.  You shouldn't let the fear of failure or self-doubt get in the way of following your passion

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

journal 10 Jake M.

Arthur Benjamin is a mathematics teacher who is very passionate about Fibonacci Numbers. His speech was very interesting and made math seem fun. He knew the history of the number and who created them. The number patterns he displayed were mind blowing how they all matched up when the squares were added together. They also form the golden ration which has amazed people for years. I never knew about these numbers and I cant wait to learn more about them in my later mathematics classes.

I think that using technology by yourself to learn is a huge advantage, but thats all it needs to be is an advantage. People should only use technology to learn by themselves when classes are over because we learn certain things when we are all together and we wont get those lessons if we are alone in our rooms looking at computers.

Technology and Learning

                                                  Technology and Learning

The video that I came across after searching the word “Children” was titled Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids. Adora who is a short story writer and blogger since the age seven, she is now 12 and she speaks around the United States to adults and children as a believer for literacy. She believes that children are more than what they are recognized for. She tells the crowd that when children are given something to draw, they drew beyond anything. Their imagination runs wild. She gives example how children have help make the world a better place. For an example she names, Anne frank, whose book inspired millions and millions of people across the world with her encounter with the Holocaust.  Another example she uses is, a girl named Ruby Bridges who helped end segregation in the United States. And finally a young boy by the name of Charlie Simpson, who helped raised £120,000 pounds for Haiti. She tells the crowd that adults should learn from children. That it should be reciprocal, children learning from adults as adults should learn from children. What I learned what that, adults don’t realize how smart kids are, they underestimate their abilities. She shares that when she was younger; her parents bought her a laptop which she used to write hundreds of short stories. Which one of them was later published and now used everywhere.  She also states that the younger generations will bring the world forward, because they are the leaders of tomorrow. The strength of using technology is that it helps with learning changes reach their full potential. It’s there if you need additional information. The weakness is that it is sometimes difficult to use when you don’t understand how to use it.

Radhika's Journal 10

I watched the video “Every kid needs a champion” on TED Talks Education (9 talks) on which is about How can we create an education system that works for kids, instead of against them?  The speaker of this video is Rita Pierson who is a teacher from 40 years.  She spent her entire life into a career as an educator followed by her parents and grandparents. She brought a special energy to desire to get to know her students, show them how much they matter and support them in their growth. In the video she tells that James comer says that no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship and George Washington Carver says all learning is understanding relationship. I learned a thing from this video that education is important in life and if we have a good teacher we can improve our education like how she helps to her students to get educated and being a champion.

It was easy to find follow the process and get a video which I like more than others and I found it. In video I used English subtitles for read because I understand when I read after listen to someone or teachers or person talks in video. Today everything is based technology and technology is everywhere in today’s world. For me using technology is helpful in education where I can search my subject or topic and get more information about that. And you can do your work outside of class or ay home or anywhere if we get network.

Snap shot 5

I once traveled to Las Vegas for a cheerleading competition. I was in the 7th grade so I was about 13years old. I my mom and dad had to catch a plane to get there , that the was the first time I ever got on a plane.  When I got on the plane I was scared for my life the way it took off and when it start to shake. We was on the plane for some hours luckily we had no layovers. When I got to Las Vegas I seen all the pretty lights when are plane was landing.  We got checked in to the hotel called the circus circus. This hotel had roller coasters coming out of it. I just knew I would have fun for the 5days I was there.  I went to ride the roller coasters the next day I woke up with all my team mates.  All the parents went to the casino that was down stairs in the hotel.   When the next day came we went to ride roller coaster again after that it got boring. Then we went to watch this circus that was performing.  We got to meet them after they got done.  We start asking are parents to go shopping on the strip they took us. We see a lot of homeless people and striper buses every time we turn are heads, are parents try to cover are eyes.  Remember my mom saying Las Vegas is no place for kids. The day after came the day for competition we placed 2end out of 15 teams.  After that was over I was ready to go home but we still had 2 days left but we did everything already kids could do. I will never go back to Las Vegas until I’m 21.

A place I would like to go one day is Israel to meet all the kids and pick olives with them I think I will learn from this trip that everybody is not as blessed as I am and the little thing that I complain about is nothing compared to what some people go through

Snapshot 6

When I think of music i think of somebody trying to express their feelings. Music to me is somthing that comes from inside you, away of you telling your story the best way you know how. Music helps poeple not keep thier feeling botteled up. when you listen to music it can change your mood. Music helps you when your feeling a certain emotions. when your feeling sad,mad,happy or in love, you will listen to music thatrelates to the way you feel. Music is something you hear on a day to day bases. When people die at thier funeral you will here music. When people get married you will here music. When you go to church you hear music. Music can be played in a really sad environment or a really happy one.

Beyonce is one of my favorite singers I have listen to her music since i was a child
Beyonce is one of my favorite singers because she makes all type of music she has music everybody can relate to Beyonce is somebody I feel young girls can look up to

Journal 10 from Mike W.

I watched a short video that linked the comparison between unemployment and terrorism. Surprisingly enough, there is a clear connection between these scenarios. The speaker reported an instant when a young adult had dreams of living in the city and making something out of his life. While he struggled to achieve his dreams, an opportunity presented itself; a few men offered him money and clothing to provide to his family. A few months later, there was a car bombing in the middle of the street in a small city called Madina. The person operating the vehicle was the young adult committing a terrorism attack. Trends like this is a normal occurrence in poor cities like Madina. Young adults trying to succeed in their life often times fall short because they are approached with opportunities like this and they see that this is the only option they have to make something out of their life. The speaker of this video stressed on the effects of teaching entrepreneurship to students. Teaching entrepreneurship helps inspire young students to achieve in their life. It helps make them believe that they can create a social impact and they are capable of making an impact in society. Giving students in conditions of poorer regions a reason to make them think they are capable to succeed is key.

            Overall the process of going online and finding a video was easy and wasn’t confusing. The strength of using technology to learn is that it is accessible from basically anywhere and you are not t required being at a specific place at a certain time, which makes your time more flexible. A weakness of learning through technology for me is, I am able to learn and pay attention better when I’m in a classroom setting.