Friday, November 29, 2013

last journal

     One of the big things that I like a lot better than high school was being able to pick out your classes and schedule them to your own schedule, I also like being able to meet new different people from all over.
     A lot of my frustration comes from if you miss one class you miss a lot and it's hard to make up. Also commuting is very frustrating as well because you never know what the traffic will be like or weather or car problems will happen.
     My sister is definitely my biggest supporter, she is always giving me advice for the daily struggles and helps me with homework and anything I really need. My mom would probably be my main supporter because she pays for my college and reminds me of my goals and why im going to school.
     If I could change one thing about Ohio State I would change the off campus and make it on campus and just in different buildings so you still get that college feel without having to drive 40 minutes every day,
     The thing I'm going to change is how I motivate myself to go to class everyday and just remind myself how much my mom works to put me through college and how I need to take advantage of the opportunities that ive been given.

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