Monday, November 11, 2013

Journal Eight

In my essay, one of the factors I described was the influence of religion, faith, and God on the children's lives. I thought this was important because it gives the children hope, in an area full of despair. Outside of Kozol's book, i found a website that supports this thesis. The website's research abstracts that religious education benefits children more than an individualistic approach to education.  The information is from a research paper, which encompasses several chapters worth of information directed towards the benefits of Christian education, and elements of God and faith in the school. For example, in the website, they write that a Christian-based educations gives the students self-understanding, values, open-mindedness, and appreciation/wonder. For a child who lives in the inner city area of the Bronx and faces struggles, having faith and as well as attending having methods of religion taught to them (in Kozol’s book, this would have to be the influence of St. Ann’s). Furthermore, this evidence supports my idea that religion has an impact of children’s education.



  1. This website provides valuable information and I believe that learning about religion would provided less fortunate kids hope.

  2. i agree the fact of religion faith is a good influence for children.

  3. The websites really good and I agree that religion would play an important part in these kids lives.


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