Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Technology and Learning

                                                  Technology and Learning

The video that I came across after searching the word “Children” was titled Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids. Adora who is a short story writer and blogger since the age seven, she is now 12 and she speaks around the United States to adults and children as a believer for literacy. She believes that children are more than what they are recognized for. She tells the crowd that when children are given something to draw, they drew beyond anything. Their imagination runs wild. She gives example how children have help make the world a better place. For an example she names, Anne frank, whose book inspired millions and millions of people across the world with her encounter with the Holocaust.  Another example she uses is, a girl named Ruby Bridges who helped end segregation in the United States. And finally a young boy by the name of Charlie Simpson, who helped raised £120,000 pounds for Haiti. She tells the crowd that adults should learn from children. That it should be reciprocal, children learning from adults as adults should learn from children. What I learned what that, adults don’t realize how smart kids are, they underestimate their abilities. She shares that when she was younger; her parents bought her a laptop which she used to write hundreds of short stories. Which one of them was later published and now used everywhere.  She also states that the younger generations will bring the world forward, because they are the leaders of tomorrow. The strength of using technology is that it helps with learning changes reach their full potential. It’s there if you need additional information. The weakness is that it is sometimes difficult to use when you don’t understand how to use it.

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