Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Journal Eight

Amal Osman
Mr. Lohre
English 1109
November 19, 2013      
Journal 8
                The source that i used for my positive influence on my essay was how volunteers make our society a better place. The article that I chose talk about how “Volunteers help strengthen ties to local community through English” it educates us on how volunteers influence those around them. In this case, it focused on helping Japanese kids learn to speak and write English as their second language.  Jennifer Toland, a lady from the army stationed in TOGUCHI, Okinawa wasted no time and stepped up to help the teachers.  It was really convincing because Jennifer used her free time to help others and in doing so it helped those children learn. And in just like in Ordinary Resurrections it showed how volunteers like Miss Katrice helped with make St. Ann’s a better environment that people could depend on. 

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