Sunday, November 10, 2013

Journal 8

One factor that I analyzed was tracking. Tracking is intended to allow teachers to work with students whom all share the same academic abilities. Students are enrolled into certain classes based on test scores and teacher evaluations. Even though this idea doesn’t appear to be that harmful to students, it certainly provides many complications. The problem with this occurrence is that the bulk of low tracks normally appear to be an issue among minority students. Normally students who are minorities tend to be enrolled at poorly funded schools districts. These kinds of schools really concentrate on adequately preforming tracking in order to use the most out of their money since money is very limited. They privilege and tend to be more willing to help out the students whom they feel like is going to be an asset to society. The students whom the school district feels like is not going to achieve they derelict. Tracking isn’t something that students can jump from category to category depending on their progressive performance level. Tracking is frequently started as young as Elementary school. In elementary schools, for example, the district could lump children into groups that sounds as harmless as the blue and gold. The differential of groups increasingly becomes more obvious when students are aware of their place in the tracking system. These labels regularly carry with the students as they go from grade to grade. Students, who are aimed to a low track, steadily have lower and lower expectations. Therefore, students gradually develop a habit of being diffident and lose motivation towards schooling. Later down the road, the harmless grouping of blue and gold, turnout to be college preparatory and vocational at the high school level, if students can manage to make it that far. Overall I see this as an effective source that allowed me to draw further conclusions based on the concept of tracking. It showed me the true side effects tracking has on children and the impact of being a low level track can do to your willingness to take part in school. As a child and being considered a low level track since kindergarden, I understand why students tend to give up and think that school is a waste of time because they are told that either way they will amount to nothing but a low level entry worker.

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