Monday, November 4, 2013

Journal 7

I enjoyed hearing from Kozol and getting to see all of his personal life and stories. Hearing these stories I think helped influence the book in actually getting to hear first person. For example when Kozol went out of his way and went to the mall to buy toys for Pineapple, hearing and seeing things like this in the book do help influence it by giving the reader a real perspective of whats going on. I personally think writing in first person was a strength because first person really gives you the story up close and personal which was a gerat thing he did to help us get a better understanding . 

what struck me as most important the last two chapters would have to be everyone including staff and children saying goodbye. It most be hard having to teach with such a low salary and in such a hard condition. It was sad seeing some of the teachers have to say goodbye because some were moving on to teach at different schools. The teachers have to do what's best for them but their decisions really effect the kids. 

Reading this book over the last two months really just showed me how lucky and fortunate I am. Its terrible to have to see what these kids have to go through everyday. I see how important it is to have a strong role model in your home and what the effects can be if you don't. This was a great book and it really showed me this is reality and this actually goes on.

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  1. I agree this book have showed me how fortunate I am


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