Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal 11

1. There are many aspects of how college is better than high school. However, two of them are privacy and the fact that class is every other day. One, unlike high school, college offers a new and private life, a fresh start, to a new world. In high school, every one knew every single thing you did, while in college (until I live on main campus) people won't know me that well, and I prefer that privacy. Secondly, I like he fact that class is every other day because it gives you time to do you work efficiently, and without problems. Unlike high school, usually when given home work is given, it is due the next day along with all your other classes homework.
2. So far, I have not been faced with many challenges in college. Aside from the transition over the summer of scheduling for classes, I have not faced many, if not any problems thus far in college.
3. The biggest support for my college studies would have to be myself. I like to consider myself as a lone wolf and I get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible, with as little help as possible. Granted, as I progress throughout college, I will probably have to enter study groups or receive help from others, but for now, I'm working by myself. I will say that my brother has helped me out with the whole scheduling process, since he has already graduated from OSU and is familiar with the system. Also, many of my friends and family are encouraging me, but I'm doing everything on my own.
4. One thing I would change about OSU, if possible, would be to offer more classes at the Delaware branch, or to go back on the quarter system. I would prefer quarters over semesters because I could then take more classes in the same amount of time. Therefore, I could get more classes completed at the Marion and Delaware branch, for less tuition.
5. One adjustment for me, in my college career, would have to be the benefit of being in study groups. Although this semester, classes were fairly "easy," I know down the road they will get harder and there will be more work, and thus, I will most likely need to adjust my time for friends or classmates to study for exams and tests.


  1. yes, class every other day is a huge plus compared to high school. Also that would be great to have more classes here at Delaware.

  2. I agree that they should offer more classes at the Delaware branch

  3. I agree that independence and being challenged are two of things that make college better than High School.

  4. I never thought about going to quarters first before semesters that is a good idea.

  5. many times it's hard to support by ownself and beyond no one has to support or influence to us.I really have good wishes to you because you support by youself.


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