Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snapshot 6

When I think of music i think of somebody trying to express their feelings. Music to me is somthing that comes from inside you, away of you telling your story the best way you know how. Music helps poeple not keep thier feeling botteled up. when you listen to music it can change your mood. Music helps you when your feeling a certain emotions. when your feeling sad,mad,happy or in love, you will listen to music thatrelates to the way you feel. Music is something you hear on a day to day bases. When people die at thier funeral you will here music. When people get married you will here music. When you go to church you hear music. Music can be played in a really sad environment or a really happy one.

Beyonce is one of my favorite singers I have listen to her music since i was a child
Beyonce is one of my favorite singers because she makes all type of music she has music everybody can relate to Beyonce is somebody I feel young girls can look up to

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  1. i like your definition of music. yes, we always listen music during marriage, party, church etc.


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