Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Journal 10 from Tong Lin

I watch the video called "Learn to read Chinese…with ease" on the TED Talks.  ShaoLan is the speaker of the video.  The video is talk about the basic Chinese characters that can relate to other many Chinese characters.  There is 20,000 Chinese characters and Shaolan tells the audiences that we only need understand 1,000 in the basic literacy.  She shows many different basic Chinese characters and tells the audience how each character relate to each other.  I understand the her basic idea because the Chinese is my first language.  I learn some of the characters had the meaning just like what she perform in the TED Talk.  I agree with her idea that basic characters can relate to many characters.  However, not all the Chinese characters can be relate.  It is not easy to learn Chinese.  In my opinion, I think leaning Chinese characters is harder than English words.  I think only short cut is memorization.  When I learn the Chinese characters, I need research the meaning of the character and I need memorize every day.

I think to use the technology by myself to learn is very difficult.  I'm trying to understand their view but sometime the speaker talk faster.  I need a subtitle when I watch the speaker talks.  The technology also is very helpful because we can watch the video anywhere.  It is a easy way to do the research and it helps me a lot.


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