Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Journal 10 from Molly

One thing I learned about was a penguin rescue in Cape Town. Over a span of 15 years there was different oil spills by Cape Town. It affected penguins very much but they did not do much about it. In 2000 there was the biggest mating season that scientists have ever seen between these penguins but there was an oil spill later that year. There was an organization started to help save these penguins from the oil spill. 20,000 penguins were covered with a toxic oil. This organization was the largest ever operation for a animal rescue . Dyan deNapoli was a woman who was one of the scientist helping save these penguins and informs us about this organization. In the end they saved 40,000 penguins lives from this animal resuce and had about 12,000 volunteers. I learned many different things about how important it is to have these volunteers. Without these volunteers many penguins would have died from this oil spill. I also learned about the awareness we need to bring to the public about these penguins. Findingomething that interested me on ted.com was very easy. It was easy because you could specify your search very easily. All you had to do is pic a category and how long you wanted the video to be. None of this process was confusing because I found my video right away also. Some strengths of using technology yourself to learn is you can pick whatever you want to learn about. If you are in a group of people you may have to go with others ideas and not see your own interests. In addition too technology has a wide variety subjects you can search from which can also be a benefit. A weakness for using technology by yourself is if you do need help thinking of something to research you do not have anyone to confide in. Also technology can be confusing on what you want to limit your topic down too.

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