Tuesday, November 19, 2013

snap shot 5

       I once traveled to Alaska and stayed there for my whole summer two years ago. My Aunt and Uncle live there and they have a huge house with horses which are my favorite animals. They also have their own fishing boat company that I worked on while up there. Work started at 5am and ended at 4pm. I had two other people on my boat and we would lift the net out of the water with hundreds of fish in the net and I had to grab the fish as fast as I could and throw them in the boat. I really learned what it was like to work really hard and really earn everything you work for. I also met a lot of great interesting people that taught me a lot of things, like all the technique's on working and showed me a lot of places that had views that some people who live there have never seen.

      I would really like to travel to Africa. I picked Africa because I think I'll be a lot more grateful for everything I have and I would also like to see how people live in a completely different place. I think Africa would be a life changing experience that I would definitely not forget. The safari tour also have caught my eye, since I am a big animal lover. It would be really cool seeing the exotic animals in their natural habitat.

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  1. I've heard many great things about Alaska and I would love to visit oneday


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