Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adjustments and Transitions

Two things about college that are better about high school are one, having way more free time. I like this because you can mostly lay low and hang out a lot more here than if you were at home. Second I like all the extra curricular activities on the weekends like football games and block parties, they are a lot of fun. One things that causes frustration in college education is since I have so much free time it's not always easy to get my school work and home work done. Another thing difficult that frustrates me is all the mid terms and exams college has. There is a lot more material and tests over the semester then highs school has. My biggest source of help is probably my roommate because we have a lot of the same classes and we try and push each other to get the work done at home and quiz each other for our tests. If I could change one things about Ohio State I would probably like to have smaller lectures and classes on main campus. This would help me to focus more and not be so overwhelmed having 500 kids in a class. An adjustment I would make for my future success would be to get more on set schedule and routine at home when it comes to school work. I need to be more organized and get my priorities in line.


  1. I will agree that there is much more free time. And I also agree that the size of the lecture classes on main campus need to be reduced.

  2. I agree that college offers a lot more free time


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