Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snap shot 5

I once traveled to Las Vegas for a cheerleading competition. I was in the 7th grade so I was about 13years old. I my mom and dad had to catch a plane to get there , that the was the first time I ever got on a plane.  When I got on the plane I was scared for my life the way it took off and when it start to shake. We was on the plane for some hours luckily we had no layovers. When I got to Las Vegas I seen all the pretty lights when are plane was landing.  We got checked in to the hotel called the circus circus. This hotel had roller coasters coming out of it. I just knew I would have fun for the 5days I was there.  I went to ride the roller coasters the next day I woke up with all my team mates.  All the parents went to the casino that was down stairs in the hotel.   When the next day came we went to ride roller coaster again after that it got boring. Then we went to watch this circus that was performing.  We got to meet them after they got done.  We start asking are parents to go shopping on the strip they took us. We see a lot of homeless people and striper buses every time we turn are heads, are parents try to cover are eyes.  Remember my mom saying Las Vegas is no place for kids. The day after came the day for competition we placed 2end out of 15 teams.  After that was over I was ready to go home but we still had 2 days left but we did everything already kids could do. I will never go back to Las Vegas until I’m 21.

A place I would like to go one day is Israel to meet all the kids and pick olives with them I think I will learn from this trip that everybody is not as blessed as I am and the little thing that I complain about is nothing compared to what some people go through

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