Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zach's Journal 10

Journal 10
Flying, Skydiving,Wingsuit flying, and BASE Jumping

 Found on the Ted Talks website, a video about Ueli Gegenschatz, a professional Swiss skydiver and wing-suit glider. This man, took his dream of flying and brought it to reality. Over a few years, he went from skydiving from a plane, to free falling, to wingsuit flying to BASE jumping. All of which are an element of falling with a parachute; although each has its own technique. For example, wingsuit flying, is where you wear a suit specifically designed for flying instead of free falling; additionally, you can control your movements. While BASE jumping stands for Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth (cliffs, mountains). Anyways, Gegenschatz talked about his journey into learning and training for these jumps, and how he loves doing it.

I have always found this activity fascinating, and it is a dream of mine to do either wingsuit flying or BASE jumping. And looking at Gegenschatz's experience, I found that if you follow your dreams, you can accomplish them. Though watching a man talking about something that looks amazing, yet terrifying because it could bring you to your demise, is not as easy as it looks. Gegenschatz took years of physical training and skydiving before he could preform his stunts and falling maneuvers flawlessly.

This is just one way that technology can help or improve one's understanding or learning of something they are interested in. Likewise, technology can support a person's research or even the start of his research. It allows me to learn something quickly, at my own will and pace. It also allows me to look up multiple ideas without difficulty. However, some information through technology or the internet can be misleading or false. So, it is best to look more into a subject that interests you more to find more information that can coincide and help you learn. 


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