Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Journal 10 from Mike W.

I watched a short video that linked the comparison between unemployment and terrorism. Surprisingly enough, there is a clear connection between these scenarios. The speaker reported an instant when a young adult had dreams of living in the city and making something out of his life. While he struggled to achieve his dreams, an opportunity presented itself; a few men offered him money and clothing to provide to his family. A few months later, there was a car bombing in the middle of the street in a small city called Madina. The person operating the vehicle was the young adult committing a terrorism attack. Trends like this is a normal occurrence in poor cities like Madina. Young adults trying to succeed in their life often times fall short because they are approached with opportunities like this and they see that this is the only option they have to make something out of their life. The speaker of this video stressed on the effects of teaching entrepreneurship to students. Teaching entrepreneurship helps inspire young students to achieve in their life. It helps make them believe that they can create a social impact and they are capable of making an impact in society. Giving students in conditions of poorer regions a reason to make them think they are capable to succeed is key.

            Overall the process of going online and finding a video was easy and wasn’t confusing. The strength of using technology to learn is that it is accessible from basically anywhere and you are not t required being at a specific place at a certain time, which makes your time more flexible. A weakness of learning through technology for me is, I am able to learn and pay attention better when I’m in a classroom setting.

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