Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Journal 8

A negative influence that i talked about in my essay is lack of parenting coming mostly from a lack of both parents being present in most homes. It's been proven to a certain degree that the human psyche won't develop properly unless 2 parents are present. The effects of a child not having a father figure depends on the child's gender. For girls, they would not see a good man-woman relationship, and would be statistically more likely to wind up in abusive and controlling relationships as a result. For boys, not having a father figure will hinder them from developing into good men. Boys tend to look up to their father more than their mother for a variety of reasons. Boys are more likely to act violently on their anger and frustrations because they never had a behavioral role mode, so to speak. If you father grew up without a good father figure, then he probably never learned how to properly treat a woman.This is some of the research I did on one of my bad influences and effects on the children of Mott Haven.

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