Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal 11 from Ilyas

1.) I think there are a lot of beter things about college then high school. But two things i found interesting in college than high school would be the independency and self motivation it has on us. College is more diverse than high school and it allows us to understand one another. College gives us an oppurtunity to start a new education. unlike high school, high school is small and every one knows each other's personality and characteristics. the other thing i like about college is its class schedules its less stressful and more relaxed than high school. As we feel vulnerable to our choices it allows us to balance our lives. The big change i found in college was its counselors. I find couselors in colleges are more determined and supportive than high school. They are nor demandng are carfree and will help you get into a major.The online scheduling is also a fun part and allows us to take control of classes instead of having school administers schedule for us.

2.) I find no frustration from the transitions of high school, thus far. But the only thing i felt was uprepared. I thought college was going to be more complex and stressful. but i find no challenges so far and feel more confident with my decisions in college.

3.) My biggest source in college is my older siblings and mother. they strive me to be influential and self-determined about my choices in life. As my siblings had college experience and know better about the studies they are my true supporters. they are the one that helped me choose my major wisely. without their support i would have been undecided and wouldnt know what university interested me.

4.) if i could change some things about OSU is with their branch partnership. I wish osu marion and newark offered more classes in delaware. I also wished they gave more oppurtunity to students about their classes. i would also change OSU back to quarters as i found it a better way for studens to get more credits in. it will also give students a head start for their majors.

5.) An adjustment i would make in college would be taking more serious with studing. As classes were a breeze for me this semester i know it will toughen up and get more confusing. i would have to partner up with groups for study time and creat good methods of studying with a certain amount of time. As i heardstudying at colllege is stressful i would make a great habit of studying more often and preparing myself with better resources to succeed. Nonetheless, college is more excitful and relaxed than high school.

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