Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal 11

1. Two things about college that are better then high school. You dont have to ask to go to the bathroom, Your able to pick your classes and work around your job, if you know you have work that time you can pick classes that dont start at that time

2.What frustrates me a little, is that every thing seems like its coming at you at one time like a big work load that you have to do and each class and then something else is coming right back at you
What is a challenge to me is all the books you have to read in you got one for every class in high school it wasnt like that you have maybe one are two classes you knew you would have to take books home in

3. I would have to say my mom is my biggest source of my support she  helps me study and she helps me in every way she can to push me to reach all my goals and by my mom being so successful she pushes me to do better because im able to look up to her

4. One thing that I would change about Ohio State is to have them help thier freshman students a little more

5. A specific adjustment would be to improve the way I handle my time as far as studying and reading and not waiting to do things
Making sure I spend 2 hours everyday studying


  1. I agree that we can pick our own class and the book is difficult.

  2. I agree with you jasmine that the work load in college is sometimes too much and the amount of books you have to read is too much.

  3. I agree with you on the point tat college gives you free time and allows you to balance work and school. and i also feel your adjustment of studying more effectively is a major one to adapt.

  4. I agree that you choose our class by ourselves and schedule to look up the work


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