Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Journal 11

I already miss high school no lie. I school was funnier than college. Two things in college that is better than in college is a freedom. In college you have more freedom then you had high school in high school you would not choose your class the teachers would choose it for you, and you may not like that class and you have taken those class. One thing that causes frustration or challenges in the transition to college education is that many of the college student are independent and may have hard time try to succeed life.

My biggest source of support for my college life is my Dad. He is the one who thought me how drive a car so I can go school with it he gives me his car all the time and he just stays home. My dad is my biggest role model I don’t know what I would do without him. I really don’t know that much about Ohio State so I really don’t know what they need to change and what they don’t need to change, may be if I stay more I would know that question.  In college is not that easy as people think its. For the next time may if I take less class it would be less easy for me to perform. I’m planning to take less class and easier once.


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  1. I agree that in college we have more freedom than high school.


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