Sunday, November 17, 2013

Snapshot 6

To me, music makes the soul come alive. Some music can make you feel alive, inspired, happy, angry or depressed. I listen to a variety of music including Rock and Roll, pop, alternative rock and Christian music. However, music that gives me the most inspiration would have to be soundtracks and certain elements of Christian music. Soundtracks offer no lyrics, but a theme - most of what i listen too are action or dramatic soundtracks. Two of my favorite soundtrack artists would have to be Hans Zimmer and James Horner. Hans Zimmer has written scores for The Dark Knight TrilogyInception, Man of Steel, Gladiator, and many others. While James Horner has written scores for Avatar, Braveheart, Apollo 13, The Perfect Storm and many other box office movies. This music gives me inspiration as well as a theme to many parts of my life.

Hans Zimmer, is one of my favorite soundtrack artists, with his ability to dramatize music that gives inspiration to me.  

Aside from soundtracks, I would say that Christian music has to have the most meaning to me. As a Christian and a believer in God, anything that could enhance my faith always has meaning to me. It makes my faith more alive, and always inspires me when I have a bad day or whenever I feel down. Additionally, it makes my faith stronger and more alive. Christian artists like Chris Tomlin, and Building 429 have most of my favorite songs. One of Building 429's songs, "We Won't Be Shaken," symbolizes mine, and millions of other's faith and trust in God; furthermore, it brings a sense of happiness and strength to me, whenever i listen to it. With the lyrics, “Whatever will come our way, Through fire or pouring rain, We won't be shaken." this song gives me a sense of security and strength to my faith, and that means a lot to me. Moreover, Christian songs reinforce my faith and give me inspiration which in the end brings me happiness. 

Building 429 is one of many Christian bands that aid my faith, as well as impact me unlike any other music. 


  1. I believe music make the soul come alive. The religion and music can generally relate to each other.

  2. I like your reference to the dark knight but also to Christian music.

  3. i like that some music inspires to us and make feel alive and some music makes happy to everyone.

  4. I like how music gives us a sense of security sometimes.

  5. i agree with you thoughts and feel music makes you feel alive once you get a feel for it.


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