Monday, November 11, 2013

Journal Eight

In my learning factor essay, I think the big negative factor is the pollution.  The huge medical incinerator located on the Cypress Avenue and they burn the medical materials everyday.  The pollution damages chidden's life and health.  They get asthma and it is a miserable illness.  I find a secondary source on the back of book, according to Kozol's note, the Department of Environmental Conversation distributed to people to records 1000 violation of environmental law on July 22, 1998.  The owner of the incinerator contribute money for asthmatic children and help in the support of programs in the neighborhood addressing pediatric asthma.(Kozol 349)

I think this secondary source is very helpful.  The action of government is very helpful to reduces the pollution and helps the children with chronic asthma.   They help the neighborhood by using the money to support the families.  I think asthma is a painful illness because the children can cough every day.  It make them feel discomfort in their childhood.  We should always need help the people who live in poor living condition.  The government and society should help the neighborhood provide a healthy living condition.  


  1. i agree that pollution is a negative influence factor to children and it's true that most of children struggle in Cronic Asthma.

  2. I agree that the government is very important in trying to stop these different pollution problems.

  3. I also agree that the government should be there to help those in need. i also agree that us people as a part of a society should also help those in need.


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