Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SnapShot 6

Amal Osman
Mr. Lohre
English 1109
November 18, 2013   

Snapshot 6
            The kind of music that speaks to me is the kind that talks about freedom. My favorite song is Mufasa by Amaal Nuux. The message that she is trying to convey to people of Somalia is that “Don’t give up”. She is trying to convey the sufferings that are going on in Somalia for an example, the war that is tearing families apart, causing them to flee from Africa. She says, “I don’t want to give out everything beforehand but my new release touches on the devastation and upheavals afflicting Somalia. Due to bloodshed and chaos, many have given up on the Horn of Africa nation. My new song offers a message of hope calling on the people that a devastated nation can actually rise from the ashes of war”. To me this song means a lot to me, because I am strongly against war and people. It makes me really angry to see how people suffer in today’s world. What this song means to me is really simple, it means hope. I feel happy to know that they are people out there using songs to encourage others. One of my goals in life is to help those who live in the third world countries. And I feel like this song does a very good job of giving people something to hold on to. My favorite lines from the songs are
I Wanna Be Mufasa
I Wanna Be A Master
I Wanna Own My Kingdom
I Wanna Gain My Freedom

I think these four lines are important because it shows how in real life, how people want to become better. To me these lines tell a story where someone is encouraged to become something, to want to get out of their comfort zone and try different things.

This is the Picture that comes with the song, because in the song she talks lot about the war that is going on in Somalia.  Like a lion, who had freedom and is king. She encourages people to be like a lion.


  1. I listened to the song and i like the song alot and i like the message she was trying to get out how we should never give up.

  2. I like the song and everything about the snap chat 5 that you wrote


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