Thursday, January 30, 2014

In the book holding on there many graet stores that admire me, but the only story that i really  liked was was the stoey that Moresse Bickham tells.
Moresse Bickham was an African American man  who was born in Missisisspi in 1958. Moresse  Bickham camment tit in Crime is murder of two white deputies in Mendeville the small town that he lived. he want to jaill for doing that. one think that i admire about Moresse Bickman was a he was a really storng man. when he was in jail he was worring about his family. Moresse Bickman was a creativity becouse when he was in jail he told the man that was in the jail with ,you'll get strong, and you'll learn to be a good fighter.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jakes Life Story as told by Jake

Hello class my legal name is Jacob McCluskey but my street name is Jake. I am 19 years old and originate from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a big fan and supporter of the Cincinnati Bengals, except Andy Dalton. I love long walks on the beach, listening to 700 WLW the big one, and boxing. A fun fact about me is that my dad and I have matching tattoos on our ribs, it is the outline of Ohio with the years we wont state inside Ohio.

  "Two down. I felt powerful, capable. I could handle whatever came to me" (Hall pg 119). I chose this indirect report because she said this after she had just been told from her best friend that she slept with her husband. When she went to go confront her husband her told her to "Fuck off". The quote showed how tough she was and how good of a mother she was by keeping calm around the kids so they wouldnt be alarmed. She continued with the party because her kids had just made her surprise presents and she didnt want to disappoint them.