Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Journal 10 from Ilyas

A subject I found very interesting in school is history, And i came across a subject about the french revolution and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte on khan academy.org. History has always entertained me and made me more curious about the world. So with my passion in history i chose this french revolution video to learn more about general Napoleon Bonaparte upraise in french. What i learned in this video was how smart and ambiguous Napoleon was as he observed The seize of the Tuileries. As a artillery captain he made a mantel note on Louis XVI and maria Antoinette capture and told the government they could stop the seize only with good artillery. He first became famous as an artillery man in the seize of Toulon, (which was a republican victory over a royalist  rebellion in the southern french city of Toulon). By observing the victory scene three years later, in 1795 as the royalist is about to take over the revolutionary territory Napoleon using his artillory skills was able to mow down the outnumbered royalist with a grapeshot cannonball which helped him save the revolutionary government. As he gained attention and popularity he was honored by the government and was assigned in charge of the campaign into italy. As a commander in chief of the italian forces Napoleon became the successful est out of all the different generals in the fronts of the war. As he was winning more battles in Italy he grew fame in the revolutionary. As he grew massive power he went to war with Egypt to undermine the British and indie and make Muslim allies. As he tried to take power with his 20,000 troops british comes in between them to stop the fleet and general Horacio nelson destroyed his napoleons troops and Napolean escape from the battle of the Nile. As he found an opportunity for another battle in 1799 Napoleon left his massive army behind in Egypt to die. with his selfish character he goes back to France to found them still poor through all of the violence.

In this film i learned how smart and selfish Napoleon was in becoming powerful. his tactics was rebellious and outrageously commanding. In this process of technology i learned technology is easy and fun. I love surfing through webs to learn new things. Its a way to help improve one's understanding and connecting peoples ideas through a source. Although, technology is an empowering tool for research it enables us to grow our knowledge. As i sometimes face minor problems in understanding concepts of technology in order to evaluate its accuracy, out of all i have no struggles.


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