Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marina R. Gertsberg

Marina was born and raised in new york city. She was a Friend, Girlfriend, and daughter. Marina lost her life on september 11, 2001 in the World Train Center. Maria was full of life at the age of 25 and according to here friends, and boyfriends was a loving and caring person who always stood up for what she believed in. Marina was Brides maid for one of her best friends, her friend was planning on returning the favor one day when Marina Got married, but she never will get to do this for her. Being a only child she never got to experience something she may have wanted to says her high school boyfriend. But as he says she was a in your face type of girl who loved to have fun and live to the fullest. I know first hand how it is to louse someone unexpectedly. In late September of 2009 i lost my cousin in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This was horrible news for me and my family and it to months for some people to recover. I grew up riding dirt bikes and playing paintball with my cousin and brother who were 13 and 17 when i was 10. Even though there was a seven year age difference between me and my oldest cousin he always included me in what him and his friends were doing if i was around. I was a freshman when my cousin lost his life in Iraq. I attended all of his memorials and things where he was being honored. Most of my family and i use to help with an even at the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sudbury Ohio. Marina and my cousin both lost there life's unexpectedly, and both are people that should be honored each and everyday for what they did in there lives.

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