Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hands down my favorite movie is Friday Night Lights. I like the movie so much because Ive been playing football my whole life and the movie is about a high school football team and their road to the Texas state championship. Its a very emotional and motivational movie for young kids playing football. The influence this movie and other movies like this, Remember the Titans, have a great impact on young kids lives by teaching them how important it is to be a team player and to never give up, to keep fighting on no matter what. I am so thankful to have been able to grow up with such great sports movies.

The biggest pop culture mogul to have an influence on kids I would have to say would be Miley Cyrus. So many young kids a couple of years ago grew up to her TV show on Disney Channel. Her show would portray a quarky family but in the end Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, would always find a way to bring her family and friends together. Now she is swinging naked on wrecking balls and being very sexy on live TV, doesnt bother me, but it does have a big impact to those young girls who looked up to her. It makes them feel like its okay to do stuff like that if she is doing it. 


  1. I love watching Remember The Titans. It was really an inspiring movie. How the team put aside their differences and worked together.

  2. This movie is a significant movie to watch and is also an aspiring film of tough heroes.


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