Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mukul Agarwala

Mukul Agarwala was a victim on September 11, 2001. He was a research analysis in the 2nd tower. Mr. Agarwala had a huge heart. He moved back near his parents in New Jersey while they were falling in health to take care of them. He also went on diplomatic mission to retrieve a mistreated Indian domestic worker and paid for her fare back home to India. Mr. Agarwala was also very enthusiastic. His interest ranged from snowboarding to reading history to watching old movies. He was known to have a sense of humor and to be true human being with a gentle soul. He also made a huge impact on his colleagues and his friends and they made several remarks concerning how he influenced their lives greatly. One quote included "He would have made an impact on people's lives and on the world, and will probably still find a way to do so"

What meant the most to me in this story was how greatly appreciated he was by his colleagues and friends. Reading about Mr. Agarwala, I constantly kept seeing this theme reappearing, about how he was such a positive influence in peoples lives. Everyone he came across seamed to instantly admire him.

Something that I would take from this person and apply to my life would be that my interest varies greatly with what I like to do in my free time just like Mr.Agarwala. What I would to take from Mr. Agarwala is his ability to have such a caring heart. He mastered this aspect and it showed by the amount of love and support he had from the people in his life. 

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