Tuesday, December 3, 2013

True Friend


A longtime ago friend
God has truly blessed us with beauty all around us.
“Can you see your future ahead of you “
The last time I saw you were eating a pomegranate under a shadow of tree.
The red juice from the fruit dropping from the tip of your tongue
To me you are my guardian angle
Full of imagination, awareness and cleverness
Your ideas are as fresh as the vegetables being harvested
Without you I would have been lost wondering the world as a lost puppy
You shine your light towards me every time I remember you
We have had to overcome lots of  obstacles but you have been my guiding light
Through every pit hole that we have stepped into you have been right by my side
Always ready to lend a hand when needed
If I had a wish it would be to be your guiding light as you have been to me
Thank you, sis for your guidance and honesty

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