Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Our Memory

When I first time met you
You were running like a deer in the hallway
You were making eye contact
I knew you were being my friend at that time
I was a lonely girl in the huge building
I came to you and told you to eat lunch with me
That was the first time we talk
We never realize we could be that close
I still remembered we talked everyday
You said you were not my sister
I said you were my sister
You older than me almost 3 years
I always made fun of your age
I knew you always love me and you always be my side like my sister
You were like sunshine because of your smile
You loved stars and you told me I was an important star in your heart
You always listen my heart
When you had trouble
I always told you everything would be good
Do you still remember the orange chicken with sesame on the top?
I really missed the thing we have done before
I knew friendship is the most important thing in the world
I miss my best friend
I miss my shinny star
I’m waiting for you back to Ohio
I miss you

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