Thursday, October 31, 2013

                                                                        Journal 7

What I think about his personal story that influnces the book, when he tells us he does not believe in God and all the kids do was a big influnces on the book because just beause he dont believe he doesnt stop the kids from having faith. Kozol even prays with these kids and many  people that dont believe in somthing what have said no that shows he kind of puts aside his pride and did it anyway.another thing Kozol did was go out and buy Pineapple and her sister some toys that was a very postive influnce on the book to me because it really showed how much he cared.

I think it was a strength, because by him putting his pride aside and him going out his way to help these kids made them feel wanted and important. The most important things from the last two chapters was, that when they was saying their good byes how the kids and Kozol yu see how the kids and kozol really felt towards one another. In chapter 23 it shows how he was loved by the student.

Now we finished Ordinary Resurrections the values of reading this book, was to learn about the struggles the kids in Mott Haven face day to day, we got to get to know the kids home life's. In this book we learned about the drugs and addiction and crimes in Mott Haven. What influenced me the most about learning about the children in Mott Haven, was how these kids go through so much and still have faith and how these kids are so kind hearted and just want to be loved. That goes to show don't judge a book by its cover, cause where this kids come from you would expect them to be mean and bitter and they the complete opposite from that.


  1. Kozol really connected with the children at St.Ann's well. he took the role of a "father" to those children's fathers were in prison. he always went along with the children's decisions.

  2. I totally agree with your point. Kozols theology is a big impact to the kids lives and he doesnt stop going to St. Anns or praying with the kids when they ask them to join. And he inspires them to have faith in their religion.

  3. yes I also agree and wrote saying their goodbyes was the most important and touching part of these last couple chapters. this book really showed the great bond the students have with their teachers and staff


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